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Thread: Thief: Deadly Shadows System Specifications

Thief: Deadly Shadows System Specifications

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    Glad to hear it. The SOLDOUT/MASTERTRONICS versions are patched to run on most of the XP/VISTA systems.

    This seems to include Laptops if they have a good Vcard.

    I've not tried the set on W7 yet. I may never do so as I have the games on three systems already (W98-XP).

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    Oh man, reading through this thread is like stepping back in a time machine.

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    I cannot play this game anymore since I upgraded my video card from a GeForce 7600GS 256MB AGP8x to a Radeon HD4650 1GB AGP8x.

    my system is a single core Pentium4 2.8GHz with 2GB RAM.

    The game was playing fine with graphics at maximum and res of 1440x900 (using the GeForce 7600GS)
    With the Radeon HD4650, the game slows to 2fps (TWO fps) when there are too many torches or when in the Asylum, looking at the furnace.
    Even if I set everything to low and set the res to 800x600, game still runs at 2fps at those situations.

    on every other place, it runs normal.

    please HELP!

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    c'mon... anyone ?
    I know this is VERY old game but it's still super cool.

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    another cry out for a solution. I'm starting to regret buying a ATI vidcard. my most precious games are running badly with it. I miss my GeForce...

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    Hi everyone,
    where can i find thief 3 - deadly shadow PC DVD? This website (Eidos) cannot delivery to outside country. Any idea? I'm looking for dealer.
    Very thankful for your concern.


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    Amazon UK have it.

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    I got mine from AMAZON USA. Be certain you get the THIEF THE COMPLETE COLLECTION it has GOLD.

    The "Collection" only has TDP/TMA and TDS.

    The operative is COMPLETE.

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    I'm on WinXP Pro SP3, latest updates, including DirectX9.
    Radeon Catalyst v10.8 (newer drivers have worse performance).

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    You forgot to tell us what your problem is. Please be very specific and describe exactly what you are experiencing, and detail exactly what you've already tried.

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    nevermind. there's a new user-made patch that fixes everything for this game, Win7 and widescreen resolutions.

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    Well 2000rpe is one of my favorite movie. I really enjoyed this movie and this very interesting topic to discuss.

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    What about windows 7 ? Is it compatible ?

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