Thread: Help! Advice needed for the War between the Mountains scenario of Praetorians

Help! Advice needed for the War between the Mountains scenario of Praetorians

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    Unhappy Help! Advice needed for the War between the Mountains scenario of Praetorians

    Hi Guys, I’m stuck at scenario XIX, the one were you have to cut the passage through the Pyrenees against Pompeyo´s legions. I tried it many times without success, even at easy mode. My allies are to weak and I have to rescue them constantly making things much harder, also the centurions that want to join you during the battle are rather far from our defensive positions. Can somebody please tell me how to win this scenario, I want to keep on with the campaign. Thanks in advance

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    Hi, Tribuno. Wecome to the Eidos forums.

    You will probably get info on this game a bit quicker in the dedicated Praetorians forum. Allow me to re-direct you.
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    Thank you staticon, Ill handle it from here.

    What I did was destroying your allies garrison. Rebuild it and you can make troops with both villages

    Position your archers on higher grounds, place spearmen in front of them in stationairy formation.

    After a while you have to contact a ally. Do this asap and take them back to your village. This has to be done several times.
    I hope this helps. I can type a lot more, but its more fun to find all the possabilities yourself.

    Good luck!

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    Many thanks, I will try it right now! Good idea to destroy the ally’s garrison, I didn’t know it was possible to do that

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    Unhappy Beaten again!

    Auch! I was beaten again twice, it surely went a lot better now , even constructed a few defensive towers at the elevations, but there is always a certain point where those Pompeyo guys attacks you from 3 different points and you can’t keep the production of units at the same rate with the losses. I think this is not my game, I don’t want to keep trying forever…

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    Make as much special units as your honor points allow to!
    Best is to have some units attacking from a distance (balearic slingers & archers, forget about the archer cavalry) and hide them on higher grounds (as i already said) and in forests. The archers can go in stationairy formations, just like the spearmen. Now they can shoot further.

    Make some gladiators, their dragnets are usefull.
    Also have most of your defence at your starting position, simply cuz your allied village already has some defence.

    When a wave of enemies is comming then walk to them. When the first hand-to-hand battle begins you should let your other units run towards the enemies.
    Try to attack the enemy archers first. But try to keep your own archers unharmed.

    I dont know if you know about this, but split your army in different groups (do this by selecting several troops and press Ctrl + a number. Select the group by pressing the chosen number.)

    Ehm.... what more?
    Think of this: you already completed "When all hell breaks loose"

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    Rolleyes This is impossible to win!

    Thanks again Sick for your help, I knew most have the things you wrote in the last post, but it doesn’t help; this is really a monster scenario. I met the second leader, but it was just there with a lot of Pompeyo’s legions and he could simply not escape, this scenario is, comparatively with the previous ones, too difficult, and I play at easy mode! Didn’t you have problems for this one?

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    You are not the first one to have problems with this scenario, it took me 3 tries though...
    At the moment i finished it at the first two difficulty levels. When i finally finish "When all hell breaks loose" at Hard i will soon beat "War within the mountains" at Hard

    Probably im the only one who destroyed one of the enemies' villages (was about to take down the second one but then i already completed my goal )

    Keep trying!

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    Tribuno, if you manage to meet the second leader, you are very close to succeed. The best way to meet leaders is maybe to send a centurion. You know that you need to meet them around 10 minutes and 20 minutes after the starting of the game. So, prepare centurion and send them close to the position of leaders and let them wait in forest. When the leader are revealed, look if there is no ennemy around (with your centurion) and if not, approach your centurion to meet leaders. For the second leader and his troops, when you manage to bring them back to your village, you are victorious !
    You're right, this mission is one of the most difficult missions of the game. If you succeed this one, normally, no problem to finish the game...