Thread: Demo not working in Win 2000...

Demo not working in Win 2000...

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    Demo not working in Win 2000...

    I'm trying to get the Thief 2 demo to work in Windows 2000 and it's not happening... the menu shows up fine and all, I buy my weapons and click start mission (or whatever it is) and the screen goes black... I press a key and it exits.

    If I turn "Hardware" off, the game loads but it's all "messed up", the pixels are all mixed up... not right coloring AT ALL!

    The weird thing is it... it worked exactly once, with hardware on (so the graphics were normal)... I then pressed escape to mess around with the controls and when I went back it turned black . Any solutions?

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    Problems like this are fairly common. There can be several causes, and finding solutions usually requires some effort. First, tell us the specifications of your system, particularly audio and video cards. If you have on-board (integrated) audio or video, these are common causes of such problems. In some cases it is necessary to upgrade, but first we need to know what you have. Do you have the latest drivers for both audio and video? Often that helps, but note that the latest Nvidia drivers do not work. If you have those, you need to deinstall them and revert to an older version. Search for Nvidia or drivers on the forum for details if that is it. Another thing you might try is software audio. If that works and hardware doesn't, then you have narrowed it down.

    I am not experienced with the demo. There may be unique problems with that which I do not know about. The real Thief 2 game supports only hardware video, not software, so evidently there are differences.

    Anyway, report your specs. Maybe that will help someone figure it out.

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    There are exes out there to fix the texture problem for both games so you don't need to revert to older drivers.

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    I have a Geforce 4 TI 4200 128mb... can't remember my sound card ATM, I'll check when I get home (I'm at school)... but I'd like to not have to revert to old drivers so Salvage can you help me out? Where are these "exes"

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    Crap, I missed the demo part, the exe files are for the full version.

    An alternative is to open cam.cfg and add the line


    to the bottom of the file and save.

    If you require the exe then it can be found via this post if you're clever. I'm not sure if it would work with the demo, though.

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    Ok I'll try that out and let you know if it works. Thanks