Thread: Finding Particular FMs..

Finding Particular FMs..

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    Finding Particular FMs..

    Well, the basic question is, how to search for particular types of FMs? You know, everyone has a different taste and so do I.
    Is downloading missions and checking them out for myself the only way to find an appealing mission?
    I would like to find something that is similar to "Life of the Party" from T2. I really enjoyed the beginning of it..[lurking about in the streets]. So, if you know a way to find such missions, please post here or confirm that the only way is to check them out by yourself [pity if it really is so]..
    And, thank you!

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    You can post here and ask for recommendations for certain types of missions but you won't find them all that way. There are small descriptions of each mission at The Circle Mission Archive that you might find helpful, as well.

    As for missions similar in playing style to LotP, there aren't a lot that have that much rooftop exploring. Lord Fishkill's Curse is based on Life of the Party and you can do a lot of it on the rooftops, though you aren't forced to.

    There's a fair bit of rooftop and sewer crawling in Calendra's Cistern and in Shore Leave, you can do a lot of your travelling on rooftops, if you prefer, though again, it's a choice, not a necessity. It's a really fun mission to explore, if you haven't tried it yet.

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