The Eidos Thief forums have a tradition of civil discourse, which means polite discussion, exhibiting a reasonable amount of intelligence, and obeying the Forum Rules. We would like to keep it that way.

We have had many new members recently, most of whom are posting in the Thief III forum. To all of you, I say Welcome. At the same time, I would like you to be aware that the quality level of the Thief forums has been diminished lately by excessive ranting, whining, and rudeness. Effective immediately, we are re-instituting a policy that the old-timers know dearly: The Iron Claw, as coined by Grey Mouser, our esteemed administrator.


The moderators are not Eidos employees. We have no duty other than to maintain order. Eidos is the sponsor of this forum, so they can define the rules. Long time members of the forum like the rules because the rules provide us with a haven from the usual internet nonsense.

We are all aware of the problems that have been reported with Deus Ex – Invisible War. Like you, we hope these issues will be fixed in Thief – Deadly Shadows. Ion Storm and Eidos are keenly aware of this, and they are working on it. We are also aware of some design decisions that we do not understand or agree with. We believe that a certain amount of civil discussion of these issues is good for the community and ultimately will be good for the game. However, when the discussion becomes mean-spirited, rude, and unnecessarily repetitive, then we think it detracts from the quality of the forum and actually hurts our chances of finding a happy solution.

So, I give you

The Iron Claw

The policy of The Iron Claw is that the moderators will show no mercy when it comes to maintaining order and ensuring that the rules of the forum are obeyed. We ask that all members read and understand the rules completely. Violations will be dealt with at the moderators discretion. A moderator may change a title, edit a post, delete a post, close a thread, or delete a thread. One of the rules is that members shall not complain about or debate moderators’ decisions in the forum. If you have any questions, you may e-mail or PM us.

Members who are deemed to be in repeated violation, flagrant violation, or incorrigible may be banned. In most cases we try to work with the individual to correct problems, but in some cases a member could be banned outright. There are no requirements for due process. Think what you are writing before hitting the Submit button.

Civil Discourse

Civil discourse means polite discussion with a certain amount of intelligence.

The most important aspect of civil discourse is to treat your fellow members, the game developers, and Eidos with respect. It is OK to disagree, but do so in a civil manner. Express your views logically, not as flames against others. It is OK and encouraged to add humor, but do not disguise bullying with a smiley face. Flaming, name calling, trolling (comments intended only to provoke arguments), spamming, rude language, etc. are all violations under the rules.

We have seen a fair number of posts recently that might be considered immature. We do not look kindly on those who degrade the quality of the forum. Do not post in all caps. That is considered shouting and rude behavior. All lower case is not much better. Skip the l33t talk. Consider checking your spelling and punctuation. Try to act intelligent.

Finally, I note that each post has a button in its lower right corner saying “Report this post to a moderator.” I encourage you to use that if you find a post to be offensive. It works better than a PM because PM space can get filled.

OK. Now that we understand one another, please join us. This forum is a great place to hang out and discuss Thief and other matters, of importance or not. Take a look at our FAQ section. It is dated (I really need to fix that), but there is some interesting information there, including theBlackman’s article, “General Welcome and Tips for Newbies.” We hope you enjoy your stay and that this policy will make your stay more enjoyable.