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Thread: The editor still reigns supreme

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    The editor still reigns supreme

    i was thinking of how many years we have all been building. It's a long time if you think of it. Is it something like 3 years or even more! What was the release date of TRC?

    We are still here as well. We first started out with the editor and we are all STILL building levels and doing other stuff around the editor. Who were one of the first people to started budiling? Which was the first level that was created? Who is still here now that was around right at the beginning. I know i am

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    I'm still here, although I haven't done a post for a long time and I don't build as much as I used too, which is a shame. I really love building levels, but I just don't have the time for it. I go to school at 8AM, go home at 5PM, do the homework, study for tests, have dinner, and then I'm just too tired and after watching TV a little I just fall asleep. I've been building a level for about 1 year now, but I doubt it will ever see daylight, I don't have time to continue it, and each time I go do it I just rebuild some rooms that were good when I built them and now just don't seem right. Also spent another year building a level that didn't work very well with the game engine, it was just too heavy for it, so I just let half done, which is a shame, because I was happy with it, it was my best creation. Maybe I just publish the project and someone else with spare time can finish it.

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    3 years and 4 months and still going strong...... TRLE not my socks... and the first level of note was Geckokid's 'Beneath the forbidden city' although there were a few close second's... Theresa Jenne's jungle romp 'The golden beetle' I think it was called was pretty amazing, and a smaller level called 'City', but just goes to show what determination can do and i'm proud to be a part of this extraordinary communty.

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    New people are also coming to the LE. TR will live

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    Originally posted by dhama
    3 years and 4 months and still going strong...... TRLE not my socks...
    LOL Dhama

    School work and your own life is much more important than Tomb Raider. You've got all your life to play Tobm Raider but you take your tests once.

    I wonder how long the editor can stay strong for. Do you think the editor will still be used if no more Tomb Raider games are being released. Or maybe it would get stronger...

    How does Jackie do it? I just don't get how on his first attempt at creating a level, he manages to produce an all-time great!!
    I mean no first attempt levels released before, just a bang off good quality level! Amazing!. Your sis tina also is like that while building Castle Doomsday the original. But i bet she had an advantage or learning all the skils she had from her older bro's experience!

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    You're right my friend, school work is more important, but what better way to relax and keep the brain working.....

    Jackie's level was good because he's a perfectionist, bad levels only arise becaused they're rushed. It takes time to build an enjoyable, playable level; around 4 to 6 months just for an hour of gameplay those who can do it quicker are simply blessed.

    I'll admit to building most of Castle Doomsday, but it wasn't my original idea, we all shared the learning process and that's what made it easier. But without TRLE forum (thanks Eidos) and others like it (Michael Pragers forum, Tomb Raider Chronicles forum, in fact all TRLE forums around the world), the level editor would have died a long time ago.

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    I am still here.

    The level editor is so much fun.

    I remember the old forums and then the move to the new ones.

    Creating levels and building trle related stuff is so much fun.

    There is not much more to say except the trle is still going.

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    Well, I haven't built a level yet, but I have been here awhile. Things just keep changing, but they also stay the same
    Old faces and new faces.
    Old questions and new questions.
    Old levels (still good) and new levels.
    And who knows what might be coming in the future?

    Other games with a following and an editor are also still going strong. And source code release has attracted many new fans. I think this will do the same for TR. I don't think the interest ever dies down, it continues to grow, no matter how old the game is.

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    as you all know i am always here for these years. (seems that i am a hot topic!)

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    Originally posted by dhama
    but what better way to relax and keep the brain working.....
    hehe makes me go crazy sometimes! But hey you gotta deal with these things sometimes

    Jackie, of course your a hot topic, you one of the best level creators out there!

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    Originally posted by aktrekker
    Well, I haven't built a level yet..........
    Does that mean we should expect one soon mate..... eh! mate!!

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