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Multiplayer crash

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    Multiplayer crash

    Hi can anybody help me with a problem

    When I play multiplayer over a IPX protocol against my sister we play for about 10 minutes and the game just turns off and it goes to the desktop the 3 times we have played first 2 times is crashed on my sisters and the 3rd time it crashed on mine we have both got version 1.1 the single player game work fine on both computers with no problems.

    Dose anyone no the solution to this problem

    Thanks for your help in advance

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    I'm not sure - but I don't think there is a cure...

    DMA thought it was something to do with autosaves a while back. He should pop around soon and explain it further.

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    Hey, there's never been a 100% solution to this I'm afriad!

    However as the good Phat Dr says it might be linked to the game autosaving (as it seems to happen in perfect conjunction with the autosaves). To use this to your advantage mark the autosave files that startopia has made as read only and then the game won't autosave, and thus should crash less.

    Note I said "crash less" not "not crash". It may still crash, but just less frequently. So manually save the game yourself every 10 or 15mins so your progress isn't lost.

    Beyond that there's not much I can suggest. Except why are you using IPX? TCP/IP is the much more standard protocal to use, in fact most games released over the last 5 or so years don't even support IPX . . .

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    Thanks for the info I will do that

    And another thing the reason I use IPX is because I have tried everything and I cannot get the TCP/IP protocol to work I don’t know what’s wrong I have tried what a have read in other forums but I just can not do it

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    Strange . . .

    Under windows you just hook everything up then, if you have something with a DHCP server running set all the PC's to automatic setup (lots of routers, etc do this) if you don't just given each machine a fixed IP (all different!) and give them identical subnet masks.

    At least, that's all I've ever needed to do and I've moved about between home (router/adsl-modem + hub), uni (big server's for everything + massive wired network) and my uni house (cheap router/hub + cable modem). It's never off of automatic for me!

    If you're using Windows XP check the internet sharing service (I forget the proper name) is off on all machines - otherwise they'll be in conflict and that'll cause no end of troubles! It should be okay if one machine has it running (in case you need it) but not more than that.