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Thread: Campaign for a T: DS Editor

Campaign for a T: DS Editor

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    Exclamation Campaign for a T: DS Editor

    Updated 27th February 2005

    As you may well have seen...


    There's a list of download locations here and a new support forum at TTLG here. The package that's been released is pretty rough and ready, so make sure and check the forum (particularly this thread) before you even try to install the editor.

    So... we did it. Pat yourself on the back if you signed the petition, sent a letter or contributed in whatever way you could - your efforts ensured that Eidos and Ion Storm couldn't ignore our pleas. Additionally, we have to be grateful to several "insiders" who worked long and hard to ensure that the Thief fan mission legacy will continue. You can read a little about them here. And if you see Grey Mouser around, give him a biscuit - I think he deserves it.

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    Hey, moderators! I suggest to make this thread a sticky one!

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    I'm in....I'll send my effort via Easter Egg postcard on April 5th as suggested. Great campaign.....lets wish us all luck!
    All that is yours will soon be mine....

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    I am in as well, already signed it, will send him some peeps, and a chocolate bunny too.

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    Originally posted by van_HellSing PL
    Hey, moderators! I suggest to make this thread a sticky one!
    Glad to oblige. This is one very worthwhile topic.

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    Thanks again Peter (and van H.!).

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    aawwwww man!.....I was so going to mail a real bunny now you took all the fun away

    Thanks for the heads up!!!!!!!

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    As I've mentioned in the title, everyone outside the US should look to send their airmail letters AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to make sure they arrive at Eidos next week.

    The letters page can be found here - thanks. Great job so far people, lets keep the pressure on!

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    And another reminder - North American letters THIS WEEK please!


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    Just wondering if we are to expect a reply from Eidos in the near future?...That is, if the offices and staff aren't buried under sackfuls of fan mail/petitions!

    Good luck everyone!

    Please keep us informed of any response
    All that is yours will soon be mine....

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    Well if I hear anything, I'll probably sit on it for a few days, maybe post a teaser or two... oh ok I'm lying. I suspect any response will come via the devs at the ISA forum, but I have no idea really.

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    Missed this one but haven't been around. Will have a letter in the mail tomorrow. Hope I am not too late.

    Thief 3 (DS) without a Level Editor or Mission Builder is a truely bad idea. There is a lot of talent out there that should not be wasted and tons of people that want to play those talented creations. FM Builders have given a lot of life to Thief. They should not be denied, neither should the players.
    Just Sneakin' Through!

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    Hi Sneak,

    Yeh, I was a little slow, too. Sent my letter in two days ago. I think we will give Eidos the old one-two punch. First the deluge, then our well-reasoned missives to knock them over for the count.

    It's not too late, folks.

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    Can UK fans help out?
    DoNt be aFraId of tHe DaRk
    bE AfrAid of WHaT iT hIdEs!

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    Of course, Josh - I am one, after all! You've missed the main deadline, but sit down and write a letter (or print out the standard one from the ThiefPetition site, go to the Post Office and send it off airmail to the address listed.

    Some taffers have sent FM CDs, chocolates and beer.

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    Oh god.... I go away for awhile and miss some important stuff!

    I'll send the letter/card/whatever tomorrow...

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    W00t, as I believe the young whippersnappers say.

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    w00t indeed

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    Now at 2603 signatures.

    Okay, here's the deal with the editor: The game is not shipping with one. Eidos will only fund development and release of the editing tools if the game sells droves. The editing tools are not a complete compact package like dromed. It's a thoroughly unique version of Unreal Ed plus a half dozen or so other programs.
    From this comment, I take it that the editor tools are already made. If so, then what is the issue with releasing them? These products would not need to be supported, so the only expense would arguably be bandwidth from hosting the files. By using third-party hosting, there are no relevant expenses for Eidos.

    So more sales with no associated cost plus the fans are happy. I seem to be missing the downside.

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    You kinda pointed it out in your own post, the tools werent a complete package yet, would just take a little time to put them together so they'd be useable... and I dont think they wanna make the effort is the game doesnt sell. I hope the game sells like hotcakes and they release the editor, I hope everyone who put their signature on the petition buys the game. After all what would be the point of having the editor if no one buys the game

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    just signed the petition, printed out one of those letters, and plan on writing a letter of my own

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    Signed... 'sif you wouldn't!

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    I just signed. # 2685. Ya that's my lucky number.
    We want the tool kit.

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    2851 would be me, nice work keep it up.


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    I have had this idea for a Thief map ever since T1, but only lately have I acquired the skills to actually make the map. Now if they don't incorporate the editors I won't buy the game. I don't care how buggy or hard to use they are, just release them.

    My map idea is as follows:

    You must first sneak into a flying galleon that spirals up to a castle sitting on a patch of magical land floating at 600 meters or so. Here you have two options: either you sneak in through the gate, or you jump into the main sewer pipe and try find your way up from the sewer tunnels. The castle belongs to wizard, currently experimenting with golems at the "ground" floor. The castle is very high with lots of towers and balconies. A rival wizard wants an artifact of power situated in the top attic of the highest tower(of course), guarded by many a vicious guard. The castle is full of life, servants and members of the private army of the wizard and a couple of dragons. Again, you have two ways to get to the artifact. Either you knock out the guards in the second highest tower and jump from the end of a flag pole to a balcony on the highest tower and use rope arrows(don't know if the game even has them) to get to the roof of the highest tower and enter through a skylight, or you lure out the massive beast guarding the door in the highest tower.

    The thing in this map is vertical movement, accompanied by some serious horizontal looting. Anyway, I want to make this map now that I actually can. Damn Eidos if they don't fund the editors!

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