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Thread: Campaign for a T: DS Editor

Campaign for a T: DS Editor

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    Originally Posted by cliffmeister
    do I really have to pay for the editor?????





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    Originally Posted by cliffmeister
    do I really have to pay for the editor?????
    Yep, you're the only one that has to. Everyone else can download it for free but YOU... oh no, you've got to shell out some cash

    This post brought to you by sarcasm. Sprinkle some on your cereal every morning for a good day.
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    tanx lol

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    Grey Mouser Guest
    Tabitha Brown deserves all of your thanks, at least as much as I do. Not that eveyrone else does not also...but Tabitha gets major taffer accolades.

    Tabitha...consider yerself an Official Taffer. Now, that may not be a GOOD thing necessarily....but I bet you'll get more loot! And a bunch of cool folks to hang with, but I bet you figured that out already.

    Talk to me any time. And that was a _very_ nice picture. Good frame, too. Honest.

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    I think she may have posted over at the thiefpetition forums in the "what have you sent to Eidos" thread:
    Handwritten letter, chocolate and I wanted to include something that would make people perhaps stop by his cube,desk,office, whatever he may be in. I thought about a real piece of artwork, but went for humor over art. I've drawn a stickmen cartoon and Im going to frame it and send it with the chocolate. Its very simple, and has a thief blackjacking a guard in front of an Eidos building, wall climbing w/ gloves to get in a window, wall pressing in a cube farm to sneak past guards, flying past guards gathered around a water cooler, and tip toeing over tile floors to grab a "magical SDK " cd. If this is too off the wall lemme know someone, I was after somethin that might make people stop by and look, maybe garner some continued office notice after the chocolates have been eaten.
    Sounds like there's a story behind this GM - prey tell. I hope she notices this too.

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    Originally Posted by GlasW0lf
    Updated 27th February 2005

    As you may well have seen...


    There's a list of download locations here and a new support forum at TTLG here. The package that's been released is pretty rough and ready, so make sure and check the forum (particularly this thread) before you even try to install the editor.

    So... we did it. Pat yourself on the back if you signed the petition, sent a letter or contributed in whatever way you could - your efforts ensured that Eidos and Ion Storm couldn't ignore our pleas. Additionally, we have to be grateful to several "insiders" who worked long and hard to ensure that the Thief fan mission legacy will continue. You can read a little about them here. And if you see Grey Mouser around, give him a biscuit - I think he deserves it.
    So here's all is started, and my life was changed, even before knowing the game (I started to play thief in December 2005, starting to using the editor in June 2006). Oh well, I always feel a great nostalgy reading these messages. Thanks to all these people for bothering to send letters and e-mails, otherwise I could never express my very potential in life. I feel thankful towards anyone of you. At that time I was so involved in university studies and girls, and I neither knew my real mate, my great point of view and my way of life. This game changed irreversibly my life, I left my studies, felt in the world of it, and since today I have just a few works very short, because the recall to the world of Thief: Deadly Shadows is too strong.

    With lots of love for you

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