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Thread: Pre-ordering and anticipating the game

Pre-ordering and anticipating the game

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    Neverland, duh!

    OMG I can't wait to play the game! I wonder what's gonna happen :P

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    I got mine on amazon they should have a lot mor

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    I gotta wait till after work to go pick this game up! Darn you work!!! Why must you interfere with my gaming life!!

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    In the store it specifically stated that if I preordered the game, I got the AR cards. It mentioned nothing about needing the mark of mastery edition. I got the game in the mail today, but completely absent of any AR cards. I'm wondering what is going on with that. I understand a number of MOME orders are also missing cards.

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    have you opened the game yet? my AR cards were inside.

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    given how the game itself blabs on about AR cards and the manual does as well, i'm surprised to find i didn't get any in my copy of the game. who should i be contacting in this case and how?

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    When did you get the game? Which edition do you have, Standard or Mark of Mastery?

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    I have the standard edition and don't have any of the AR cards. My boyfriend and while playing the game says I should have one to interact with my meow wow but it did not come with it. I just got it today and it was all in plastic. Does anyone know how I get one?

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    You should only have AR cards if you pre-ordered the the standard edition, otherwise the standard edition doesn't come with any. Sorry.

    To the original poster, try contacting whoever you got it from. Square Enix is also good place to try, because they can probably help you even if you didn't order the game from them. You can find their tech support number fairly easily.

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    You could also look up the ar card images on your computer, and then just scan them from there, or else print them out. Either way, it should do the trick.

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