Thread: Blumenkohl's Micro Texture Pack Released

Blumenkohl's Micro Texture Pack Released

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    Blumenkohl's Micro Texture Pack Released

    From the guy that brought you the retextured weapons...

    The shining main feature of this texture pack? The glow-in-the-dark-retextured-Omar.

    The rest of the stuff included?

    Noir Cigarette Pack
    Metal Barrels
    MAKO Muzzle Flash Pack 1.0
    MontyBites Candy
    Soy Packets
    Soda Cans
    BONUS Mosque Carpet

    All sharp and good lookin'.

    For those of you that don't know, this is my final texture release for Invisible War, and I hope everyone likes what's in this package. The textures in here can also be found in future versions of the Deus Ex 2: Rebirth mod.

    Thanks to all the patient people who oh-so-patiently waited for this.

    Enough talk, head on over here and get the textures!

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    I would just like to say these omar textures are amazing., you never get tired, do you?

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    how many textures pack we got now...

    ah right this is for the objects, but the other one is for the levels...

    i'll get it after i run through the game once, so i can get really 1. disgusted with the xbox textures that shipped with the game 2. realy impressed with a a pc-only feature of dx2... you textures!

    can u put up screenies of 'before' and 'after' pics of the omar? i dont have photographic memory, and looking at the pics kinda remind me of needing it to actually tell differences... no offence...

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    I looked at the site. Up close, yeah, the new textures are finely detailed... but, I'm just wondering what they really add in terms of gameplay?

    Now, if there were new levels (which I get the distinct impression there can't be due to Ion Storm not releasing some form of tools for that sort of thing), that I could go for.

    But again, textures do look nice... I just don't think that's enough to want to play the game again for, since graphics weren't what made the original so enduring. Find a way to expand gameplay options, then I'll be impressed.

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    Wow, those look really good. I havent played DX 2 in awhile (been playing HL2) but these new textures really look good, good job man ! , should make the game more fun hopefully, we will have to see

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    Is there a way to make or mod Deus Ex IW maps?

    Good work on those Omar textures.

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    This is exactly what i was looking for. thank you for the informative post and keep up the good work!