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Illusion of Gaia

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    Illusion of Gaia. That is one of my favorite classics for the SNES. I really love the storyline, the characters, and the gameplay. Finding secret items is also fun and challenging too. I would love to play through the entire game again.

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    Man this game is what got me into RPGs in general. it's been so long since I played it though I barely remember anything about it. I would totally buy it if it was released on WII Virtual Console.

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    I love how the game had you transforming from a little boy with his psychic powers into these other surreal characters. I felt TerraNigma was the better game, but there was something very appealing of Illusion of Gaia, especially its world and look.

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    Words can't described how much I loved this game. My favorite thing about this game was the battle system where you have to eliminate all the enemies in a particular area to lv up and incorporating newly learned skills to advance through the dunguens. The storyline and music was great as well.