Thread: Deus Ex: Invisible War - Tech Links for European Gamers

Deus Ex: Invisible War - Tech Links for European Gamers

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    Deus Ex: Invisible War - Tech Links for European Gamers

    These links take you directly to the DX:IW Tech support page for the countries listed:



    I was unable to find any technical FAQs on the site for France.


    France now has a link to a support page for DX:IW. However, as of today (March 23, 2004), there are no help files. It does, however, appear that they're moving forward.


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    Here are direct links to the tech support question forms:


    You should take a look at their suggestions regarding what information to send before you jump to the UK or France site. The German site has a detailed description of what they want on the form itself.

    Due to the popularity of the E-Mail service we have had to introduce some measures to ensure we prioritise those requiring a technical response.

    We also need help from yourselves in order to improve the service. We currently receive a large number of mails which give little or no information as regards the problem, or the system being used.

    Please ensure when e-mailing us, that you supply a thorough description of both the problem, and your Hardware.

    The easiest way to supply us with the Hardware information we need is to send us a copy of your dxdiag.txt file, either as an attachment, or copied and pasted into the main body of the mail.

    To create a dxdiag file under Window:

    click start
    click run
    input dxdiag
    click 'save all information'

    This will produce a file called dxdiag.txt. Either copy and paste this into the e-mail, or attach it to the e-mail.

    Please note that attachments other than dxdiag.txt files will be discarded.

    E-mails which contain little or none of the above information may not receive a response.

    Unfortunately we also cannot provide help on the following topics:

    - Requests for Gameplay advice

    - Requests for information on release dates, or product availability

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    I contacted eidos about my problems and i got a message sent back saying the message could not be delivered, not impressed at all UK btw.

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    @ shaggymonkey

    did you email
    that is the correct address and it is working properly, try again.