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Thread: [SPOILER] A farewell message from Amy

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    Sep 2002

    Thx for the 8yrs of imagination & dedication.

    P.S. by the way AMY,where ARE you @now?,would you be @epic or@ubisoft making my FPS of LoK?

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    I'll miss u so much, Amy

    Thank u so much, Amy. You really did a great job for LOK series! Before i played this series, I cannot even imagine an video game could go so deep and bring me so many surprises. When I saw this farewell message, I really wanna cry...just like the momemt i saw Kain put the soul reaver blade into Raziel's heart...

    It's very nice of u to wrote this message to us. Please allow me to make a copy of it. Wherever u r, Amy, we will always be there to support u.

    Give u all my best wishes. Good luck and take care!!

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    To the Greatest....Amy

    Your words burst me into tears because it meant the end of this epic that really meant everything to me , you inspired me , and I felt much sad when I realized that it all ended today as I made this thread asking everybody that you might be gone from Crystal Dynamics....

    We all love you , I am looking forward to see another incredible Epic from you....

    Also I would like to tell you that u have got zillions of fans here in Iraq.....

    My E-mail is
    I hope you'll mail us ......'re our angel.....

    "The two become one..both Soul Reavers..together...and the scion of Ballance is healed..and I am not your enemy...not your destroyer...I am , as before , your right hand.....Your Sword"

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    Time fades even legend...
    but we'll make sure you won't be forgotten!

    Thank you for everything

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    khorne Guest
    thanx amy 4 all the work u did on lok & made it 1 of the beast game out there

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    amy whatis she doing i mean what kind if work doe she still work in gaming

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    I believe she is working at Naughty Dog on Jak 3

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    amy we will mess you I steal dont get why you gave up on lok but do us a favor and check up on the creater of the next version and make sure it is something we will enjoy cuz i enjoyed all the lok

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    It's a shame in a way. It will be sad to see you go. I like many others had great confidence in you and your work but if you say that those left behind know well enough what they are doing then I'm happy with that. I also wish you luck in your new venture.

    Goodbye Amy.
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