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Thread: Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin

Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin

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    Contact [FINAL FANTASY XI Customer Service]

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    Rolleyes Expansion wont install.

    I just purchased ffxi seekers of audolin expansion for pc dl from SE... the game wouldn't install as it was saying ffxi needs to be installed first.... which it has been for ages, i the proceeded to uninstall everything and re-install, now POL wont let me login into my account on the viewer, this is ludicrous considering my monthly cost was paid today aswell, if someone could help with how to either get a refund of the expansion or helpful input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Final Fantasy XI seekers of adoulin Installation problem

    Alrighty so I buy this game for my xbox 360 and pop in the disc . download the playeonline view crap >.> and then ask me to download the game I hit yes get a cut scene . then a stupid screen showing the game downloading bar and then saying " Final fantasy XI not installed install final fantasy xi then try again" >.> so what do I do ? plz and thank you.

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