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Thread: LoKD Advanced Tactics (now with pictures and videos!)

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    LoKD Advanced Tactics (now with pictures and videos!)

    Unfortunately, the website which hosted this article is no longer functional. It hasn't been updated in ages and it looks like it could die at any moment. So i figured i'd transcribe it here since there might still be a few people interested in some of the following information.

    LoK Defiance Advanced Tactics
    written 03.04.2004

    For the first time in the Legacy of Kain series, Defiance presents a combat system flexible enough that players can do some creative things to the generic peons scattered throughout the game. Of course everyone plays LoK games mainly for the storyline, but this article explores some combos and techniques which can be used to enhance the gameplay experience.

    The command inputs are transcribed using Playstation 2 default control conventions, but the text explanations refer to all actions by their general names. The PS2 and Xbox versions of LoKD are virtually identical, so everything discussed here works on both versions. The only thing left for Xbox users to do is to quickly convert everything to their button layout.


    (hold L1), (hold desired direction on left analog stick), press X, tap R1, press X, tap R1, press X, tap R1, press X ...

    The most basic and most useful trick is wavedashing. Both Raziel and Kain can use this trick. While holding the L1 button to engage combat mode (different stance, camera angle, and basic moveset), pushing the jump button (X) along with any direction on the left analog stick causes the character to perform either a quick dash forwards or backwards or a sidestep left or right. This dash seems to get most of its speed burst during the middle portion, and has a bit of lag towards the end. Pressing the jump button again during this dash causes the character to cancel into a jump. In fact, this dash can be interrupted by almost any action.

    The quickest wavedash is done by interrupting the dash animation near the end by tapping the feed button (R1), which is a sustainable move with no lag after the button is released. This requires a bit of timing to optimize, since you must wait until the very end of the dash movement to interrupt. Of course, the coolest thing about this is that it can be used without any enemies around, making your treks through the vast landscapes of Nosgoth much shorter.

    Kain's TK Relaunch

    press and hold Triangle (to launch and jumpcancel), tap Square, Square, Square, (land), press and hold O, press and hold back on left analog stick, release O, press and hold Triangle (to relaunch and jumpcancel) ...

    Kain can use this combo at the very beginning of the game without needing any extra upgrades or skills, and Raziel can use it near the very end. The trick to this is to wait a bit before starting the air combo so that your character is close to the ground. The TK hold will take effect before the opponent reaches the ground, but it seems to be able to OTG as well. Once you see your character go into the TK hold animation, press the left analog stick towards your character and release the TK button to pull the opponent towards you, Scorpion style. When the opponent is close enough, press the pop-up attack button again to relaunch and repeat as desired.

    As an alternative, you can also use the air TK attack as the air combo finisher, then land and use the TK hold the same way as above. This combo is most useful when you are fighting in flat lands with no walls to use in executing extended combos. It does lots of damage and looks really cool.

    Raziel's Delayed Air Slash Relaunch

    press and hold Triangle (to launch and jumpcancel), wait until Raziel is about to land, tap Square, Square, (land), press and hold Triangle (to launch and jumpcancel) ...

    By delaying the aerial followup to his jumpcanceled pop-up attack, Raziel is able to land while his opponent is still suspended high in the air. This allows him the opportunity to easily relaunch the opponent with another pop-up attack and continue the combo as desired. It's important that Raziel's air combo be left incomplete, since performing the third strike will knock the opponent out of range. If properly timed, it's also possible to relaunch after the Phatasmal Tempest special attack.

    Video Link

    If you'd like to see these techniques in action, here's a short video demonstrating each of the sequences pictured above:

    Legacy of Kain: Defiance - Advanced Tactics and Combos

    Once you've seen what can be done, try to come up with tricks and combos of your own and share them here.

    Original post:
    Quote Originally Posted by Majestros
    Hey, remember that thread i made discussing some sort of neat stuff that i claimed you could do in Defiance? It got something like 7 views and 1 reply. Well, now i've turned it into an article on my website along with some pictures and videos demonstrating it.

    Go see!

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    very interesting! I liked the videos.
    Although I find those tactics pretty useless, since I like admiring the view while walking around Nosgoth in Defiance, I wouldn't like to miss it by dashing that way.
    The fighting tactics are cool though

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    Wow. I thought more people would care. I guess i was either late in releasing the stuff or i overestimated LoK players' interest in finding new stuff to do with the game engine.

    In case it's because people are opposed to reading lengthy articles, i just wanna say that reading isn't a requirement at all. You know, all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the article and download the video and watch. Then if you want an explanation, you can read up on it in the article.

    It's not praise i'm looking for - just feedback to prove that people took a minute to look.

    Thanks, i'm glad you liked it. You should try wavedashing with Kain though. It feels really cool traveling like that and it's also pretty cool going around in circles around groups of enemies.

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    I really like it too dude.
    Moreover, I really like fans that doing extra stuff for the community and taking gaming to Extreme by doing guides, FAQs, etc.
    I learned alot about games by reading Extreme players guides.
    "One must keep his friends close, Raziel - and his enemies even closer." -- Kain

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    I just wanted to drop by and tell you guys about a new video that my friend James and i just released without going to the extreme of creating a new thread. So i'm just going to bump this one.

    The main focus of the video is fighting games, and it's kind of a tribute video featuring a -lot- of different games. Some of it might seem oversimplified to some people, but believe me, there's plenty of technically impressive stuff in there if you look closely enough. If you guys are interested, you can download it from here:

    Anyway, i had capped two Soul Reaver "combos" to include in the video and they never made it into the final cut, but i figured i'd just drop by here and show them to you guys. Maybe someone will find them amusing.
    - this just makes me laugh because it's such a ghetto excuse for a combo
    - this one only counts as a combo if you count the environment influence as a hit
    - i wish there was a way to cast spells without having to open the menu

    So yeah, none of these are mindblowing or anything, but i just performed them so they could be included in the video so i could entice you guys to download the whole thing. It really is entertaining, so i think it's worth the lengthy download if you have a high speed connection. Since they never made it into the video, i just didn't want them to go to waste so here they are. Just ignore them if you aren't interested or if you have a dial-up connection.

    For those of you guys who were too lazy to download the gigantic file when it was available on SRK, here's a blurry version you can watch instantly.

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    Sorry it took so long to do this, but i simply had no idea this forum was still active. Every time i came by here, i saw locks on all the LoK forums so i assumed it was closed/archived.

    Anyway i've transcribed the whole article here along with all the pictures and multimedia. Hopefully some of you guys will find it useful.

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    *Sigh* you brought a lot of memories back .. Good days

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    Man I gotta try these

    I remember a few of these tricks. The wave dashing always made the streaming problematic hehe. Great stuff, I love seeing this kind of movement mastery.

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    Just a quick heads-up: i combined all four clips into a minute-long video and uploaded it to youtube, since that's probably more convient for most people than downloading four individual wmv clips. The video link in the first post has been updated. - fighting game combo videos, articles, and image galleries

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    I would have responded to this much earlier however I currently have no computer, and haven't had one for going on a year now. That being said, I've spent infinite amounts of time seeing the types of combos I can string together. My favorite is to TK pull an enemy to you, uppercut them into the air (while holding the button to follow), do the multi-slash attack, slam them into the ground and land while they're still on the rebound into the air, perform the multi-slash again, and then TK them into the nearest wall/object/enemy. It's almost a guaranteed kill. The only problem is that it doesn't work with larger enemies...

    I also take great joy in toying with the various enemies by dashing around them. If you lock on and dash to the side you won't go in a straight line but rather in a circular path leading you directly to their side and allowing you to dodge multiple blows while delivering the occasional hit when you feel like it. You can savor the battles a lot longer this way (though it doesn't work for the Elder God).
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