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Thread: The official TR custom level screenshot gallery

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    Cool The official TR custom level screenshot gallery

    Sorry about ignoring the screenshot contest, but things got so hectic and the thread was a long time starting so I simply forgot it was there over time.
    All screenshots were excellent, but perhaps we could change the format slighty.

    Enter the Official TR custom level screenshot gallery.

    Rules: keep screenshots below 50k, and less than 800x600. 640x480 is a good size for most monitors.
    You don't have to be the author of the level, anyone can contribute.
    No sigs please, the pic content will already slow the loading time. Thanks

    Now, who's gonna be first?

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    LePerk Guest
    Me first, me first.

    You asked for it!

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    WoW!!!!! Great screenshots guys!

    GK: Where is that screenshot from? It's a beauty!

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    Thumbs Up

    I just love the first of the smaller screenies LePerk, and Jackie, what a great idea with the bamboo clumps; so inovative......excellent.

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    LePerk Guest
    Well you can play it, it's from Troglodyte Technology Part One. That area is a very difficult torch puzzle, that is after you clear out the enemies.

    Gecko, those bamboo clumps look great. Does the panda bite?

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    From one of my projects, Spirits Within.

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    nope, the panda doesn't bite :P

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    LePerk Guest
    Last one from Trog Tech

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    That looks so cool, LePerk! I'm going to 'steal' that idea; I'll give credit, of course.

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    LePerk Guest
    That's alright by me MDN.

    No one will get to play that part anyway because it's part of a bonus level that can only be got to by getting all the secrets and they are proving a little too difficult to find.

    I edited some textures to get the waterfall speeds of the diagonal and the verticals to look the same. I could send them to you to show you what I mean.

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    That's ok, I know what you mean, but thanks for the offer. My vision doesn't require the waterfall object (or at least it can't cause all the waterfall objects are already being used for rain), but the waterfall to pond to waterfall again idea.

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    From 'Tomb of the Cyber Men'

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    Miss Kroft Guest
    May I join you?
    Here I have some piccies from my today released level; Hanami in Kyoto
    the pagoda

    in the courtyard


    the japanese bath

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    Miss Kroft, I'm a fan of your levels, welcome. And post as many of your beautiful screenshots as you like.

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    Miss Kroft Guest
    Hi dhama
    Thank you very much for your nice wolcome
    I hope, you´ll like this level too.

    Soon I´ll post some piccies of my next project

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    Excellent screenies Miss Kroft! Havn't played the level yet but iam in the process of downloading it now

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    Misskroft, definitely worth downloading, good job.
    It was exactly the right difficulty level for me. fairly easy but hard enough to get stuck for a while till you come back 10 minutes later.

    By the way, can I use the baddies from the second level in one of mine? If yes, can you send them to me. I tried to open the second level in wadmerger but it didn't work. I would have asked before using them anyway.


    Quik Silver

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    Heres my contribution

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    Thumbs Up

    Oh, very nice TRFan, I love the attention to detail.

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    Voodoo Child Guest
    Hi everyone! Here's a few from my level, not yet released.

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    Voodoo Child Guest
    Here's some from a friend's level, didn't think he'd mind.

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    oooh nice!

    i'll probably post some soon, once i get my new level started.

    these are just beautiful! i especially love Miss Kroft's screens, and MDN's level looks really pretty as well.

    Voodoo Child - usually, egypt levels drive me crazy..but yours looks quite nice! very professional with the textures

    Geckokid - Did you make a panda? That's so cool! The bamboo looks great too.

    Tomb Raider Fan - have i mentioned lately how much i love tinnos levels?

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    Crazy Irish Guest

    Unhappy My level

    I came to this topic to place a screen of my level here, but Voodoo saved me the trouble. Thanx vudu. I hope you like it. My site will be updated soon with more screens and at the moment theres some info on it. But here's an additional screen.

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