Thread: Blimey! Worse than the Startopia bit in here!

Blimey! Worse than the Startopia bit in here!

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    Exclamation Blimey! Worse than the Startopia bit in here!

    That sums it up quite well to be honest. I'm shocked, only 11 topics?! 11?!? I can't believe it! And none this year at all (well, cept this one).

    I bought this ages ago . . . just after release. I played for a while, got stuck, tried tried tried, then gave up. I reinstalled it on friday and decided on Easy setting (didn't want to get stuck again ). Been playing way too much over the weekend and I'm on on the third city, following influence route (and sticking to it!).

    Thought I'd come in here (at last) and say hello, see whats going on . . . and nothing.

    I mean I know the game probably doesn't appeal to "most" gamers - the pace is rather slow (even I find it a little too slow for my liking at times - and I'm a fan of Turn-Based games) and it's not always that obvious what you should do. But it's a very original game, and I like it.

    I'm just shocked that there's such a small number of people here. They all somewhere else!? Or this another game that got trashed at sales?

    It saddens me, really.

    I wonder if anyone will even notice this post and reply?

    Ah well . . .

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    I'm reading this!

    Republic is a good game but I'm afraid that it's too different to attract a large audience of players, which is a pitty. Really like the game especially the music.

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    Yeah, people are too against change, happier to spend thier money on something they know they'll be able to play as it's the same as the other 912 boxes on the shelf. (And no, I don't just mean The Sims and it's expantion packs )

    I, personnally, was looking forward to this game from when I read the first thing I read on it (and that was a while back . . .) - something new, I thought, Hurray! Ah well, shame the "general public" aren't of the same mind.

    At the very least it's useful for worring my girlfriend when she decided to phone me in the middle of a Liase (spelt right?) action and I forgot to turn the speakers off.

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    I'd just like to say.

    132 days on easy mode and I've won by doing the whole influence thing. Ha. Wow, that took ages. That just leaves force and wealth to try, eh?

    Maybe I'll give it a slight rest for now . . . start again next weekend. And on normal difficulty.

    Just thought you'd (all?) be very interested.

    I'd of probably been ~10days faster if it wasn't for vauge "find xxx" or "follow xxx" objectives where you have to find the building with the question mark to dig deeper. Oh how those annoyed me.

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    Republic: The Revolution it was meant to be?

    Read about it, bought it, played it, fell asleep.

    Graphics-wise, it is really brilliant, and gives a real picture -postcard view of an Eastern European city, in the pre Death of Communism era. just didn't grab me at all. I've gone about as far along the story as my limited attention span will allow, but the magic spark isn't there, the one that kept you up all night playing Deus Ex.

    Being the persistent wee soul that I am, I will try again some day, but I really don't hold out much hope.

    Anyone want to buy a copy of Republic, one careful owner? No? Thought not.