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Thief: Deadly Shadows

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    Thief: Deadly Shadows

    i heard in this game you just get to pick random houses and steal stuff is this right? thats freakin awesome!

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    Yeah! Between missions you get to roam the city and rob anyone you see, pick pockets... and breaking and entering. You can even sell the loot and buy more things for future missions. I love the idea of seeing an open window high up, and just beginning to climb towards it...

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    To me this game is unlike no other, you have to think, use your brain compared to shooter games, those get old after a while. It's the samething over and over again.

    Thief you can vary what you want to do, try to ghost a level, supreme ghost if you can, be unseen, unheard, or be a black jack whore. Thief games in the past were picked apart as to how to get past a guard, using techinques and different ways to *beat* the game.

    This is not your typical game.

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    i love the idea of being able to rob everyone and everyplace that will be in the game.
    although i think it will become problematical to do so.
    here's an example below.
    you break into that building across the way.
    you steal all the lovely things you can.
    because of this the place can not afford to buy the 1 thing you must have to finish a mission or worse the game.
    Do not fear the dark.
    Fear what it hides.