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Cloning (Please read)

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    I have been on these forums for almost 2 years now, and a trend I'm starting to see more and more of is what I call 'clones'. A clone is a thread that someone makes about a topic that there is already a thread about. The most popular clones seem to be 'favorites'. (ie. fav. gun, fav. character, fav. level, or any combination of them) To stop this process, all you have to do is go to the bottom of the screen when you have your list of threads, find the 'search this forum' box, type in what you seek, and you'll get a list of all related threads. I've seen to many clones, and I am starting to get annoyed. Now I've never been one to insult newbies, because that is just wrong. We all have to learn at some point. But it's very annoying when someone new comes and doesn't bother to read the 'important' threads at the top, telling you these things. I'll admit, It took me a while to learn as well, but we have to stop cloning if we want this forum to operate properly, and give the poor moderators a break.
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    I agree, though I'm a new one myself, sorry for the birthday list clone-post

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    wut do you do with 4 Ps2's and 3 copys of timesplitters2?

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    Originally posted by Da_1_with_the_gun
    wut do you do with 4 Ps2's and 3 copys of timesplitters2?

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    okay,sorry bout that i was one of the people that cloned....i'll stop