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Thread: Very useful defiance hint

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    Very useful defiance hint

    those stupid things that shoot arrows at you in lvl 1.... tk them archers come out, drink thir blood or feed reaver, i just found it out

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    Hmm, never actually thought about there being archers inside of those, always passed them off as some sort of mechanism. If that's the case then it's nice to know .

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    I always took then as a device of some kind untill I hit attack by accident rently and it smashed and a guy fell out.


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    ... there are dudes in the walls?

    What will the folks @ CD think of next?

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    you have to tk them and pull them out, or use the aim tk button.
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    I've just decided to play again and only realised this fact this time through. I seem to be having alot more fun with TK this time round. that and i am using the tube reaver. hehe (yes i am easily amused)


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    the stupid thing about this is that when you chop it with the reaver it just gets broken into little pieces of wood that fall through the floor but when you TK then a guy falls out...i`v also found this thing about guys in those things by mistake

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