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The voice..

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    The voice..

    I need to know something, earlier GameSpot quized the T3 team about whether or not Stephen Russell would be doing Garrett's voice. They said it was a decision that wouldn't be made for a long time. Well, that was a long time ago.

    Has there been any word? I've breezed over the forum here, but I found no immediate indication. I need to know. I know it sounds piety, but I doubt I could enjoy a Thief game as much without the voice. It was crucial to it.

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    If I recall correctly from my brief time at TTLG, yes. He will be doing Garrett once again.

    But don't take my word for it. I could always be wrong.

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    He'd best be.

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    *points at Gamespot link*

    It's confirmed. Russell's back. :3

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    Woohooo! It wouldn´t be Garrett without Russell!

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    well, if they didnt have his voice i wouldnt even buy the game at all, i would give out free burned copies to any man on the streets..
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