Thread: 440 Mx Agp vs Radeon 9000

440 Mx Agp vs Radeon 9000

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    440 Mx Agp vs Radeon 9000

    As in the title I was wanting input on how the 64 meg Nvidia mx440-se vergo Agp card compares to the Radeon 9000 64 meg. I've been seeing this Radeon in local stores for incresingly better prices. Is there enough of a performance difference to justify a switch?

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    Well, I can tell you right now that Thief 3 will support the Radeon 9000, but not the MX card, however it probably will run horrendously slow on the 9000. If you're in the market for a new card, look for either a Radeon 9600 Pro or a GeForce FX 5700 ultra. Anything below those two will pretty much be in the same boat as the 9000. These cards will be a bit more expensive then the 9000, but anything less really wouldn't be worth the money.

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    I personally would recommend the ZtoB 23, because it has more BniBs than the Raddelator 5x. However, if your computer has an T-23 ZnipKnip, your ZtoB's might have some trouble in rectifying their Lebtors.

    The perfect combination would be:

    12 Mb GnoBs
    Pluntor 32Xits Modellator
    DirectMHG ckuD dlnanoD
    3000 Practifier Yobs
    30 Trosterons (might not work with a yfooG, though)

    Do you have any SnoblitS? If so, update their HarFs to obliate their Rackies.

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    Yo, pass the bong, dude.

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    A Geforce FX 5700 TD is sufficient too? with a 2,1 Ghz and 512 RAM?

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    Erm... these games was made ages ago and any card can run it extremely fast, and I've used an MX440 with it with no issues.

    The Radeon range is the best bang-for-your-buck though.

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    Yes, but as Mr. Perfect said, the MX card will not work for Thief 3, so I would not buy one of those. The MX cards have poor bang for the buck anyway. To avoid buying two cards in three months, I suggest a Radeon 9600 Pro. Of course, you also need a reasonably fast CPU for T3. Then the story gets more complicated.

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    I still use my Radeon 9000 Pro 64 MB card. It worked decent enough for Deus Ex: IW that is after the patch that allowed me to put the shadows and other stuff on low and medium. And it played without much slowdown at all, except at the open area where JC Denton was in that hybernation chamber in Antarctica. And if Thief 3 isn't much more demanding I would assume you could play it on 800x600 resolution with everything on low without much problem on the Radeon 9000.

    But that isn't exactly the best way to play the game I'm sure. I may end up getting a new card, I want the 9800 Pro, it's price dropped $50 recently to $250, that plus a few rebates I might be able to find it for $150 after the savings. But if not I may choose the 9600 Pro or SE or whatever card it is that will work at a good price the time I buy a new video card.

    To sum it up Radeon 9000 is a very dated card. It works well for Thief Gold though LOL.