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Thread: [SPOILER] Q&A With Jen Fernández, Richard Lemarchand, and Kyle Mannerberg

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    can you accept that Vorador was more powerful than the guardians? They were humans guardians after all. And Vorador could defeat them easily.

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    if kain drank the seers blood in BO2 to get telekenisis (or whatever it washe gained) wouldn't this hylden essence be within Kain now? And perhaps this was passed to raziel being his first-born (the potency of the hylden 'energy' being stronger at the time of raziels 'conception'
    See, it's stuff like this that makes Amy and CD's answers a little odd. Because we are to believe that when we played SR1, BO2 hadn't happened yet, but if BO2 came to be written in the annals of time then as soon as Kain pulled the blade in SR2 Raziel would receive that energy like Kain received the new memories.

    Interesting idea though. If BO2 always happened because time is immutable so even though they created a paradox, it would imply they had ALWAYS created one, and BO2 always happened, and that's how they got TK to begin with.


    They weren't saying that Raziel was a Hylden, anymore than they were saying he was an Ancient (which everyone seems to readily belive). What they're saying is that he is an instrument of each race. Based on the prophecies in the murals...


    But based on Amy's answer...

    But when it comes down to it, I don't think any erasure of the Hylden or Ancients decisions would matter. I think history would repeat itself in that event. I think the real change lies in the defeat of the EG somehow. The Hylden and Ancients ar eboth pawns.

    I wonder if the SR was a last ditch effort by the Ancients to finally allow themselves to return back to their wheel, at the cost of their reincarnation though. I have always seen the the Ancients as the Zealous blind faith religious beings who would do anything to return to their Wheel, even at the cost of their mortality and reincarnation from it.

    But that's just all my view. This whole post isn't meant to be factual, just my take on what I have seen so far. Feel free to point out flaws.

    As for Vorador and the Guardians. I think it was just a matter them still being in "Protector Guardian" mode. And they never were able to really use their magic for offense, maybe just defense. It wasn't until Nupraptors madness that they were able to attack. Kind of like when you're good, you're nice. But when you're corrupted, you're down right evilly violent. So to me it wasn't that they were surprised or weak, they just couldn't defend themselves as well because they wer epure, or something like that. WHereas even though Vorador wasn't evil, he was in the middle of a berserker fury.

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    thanks for that reply, it has cleared it up a bit

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    I hope so, cause I think I confused myself typing it

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