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garroting and other silent kills

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    garroting and other silent kills

    This ability to garrote people in this game is better than any others. But maybe in a future version of Hitman, you can do the same silent kill with a knife.

    Here is the real way to get a silent kill with a knife:

    There is a myth going on about slitting somebody's throat with a knife is a silent kill. It is anything but silent. The enemy will gurgle a lot and stuff until his brain runs out of oxygen. He might even run into a tree.

    No, if you want a silent kill, you gotta put your randall at the indent at the base of your enemy's skull (bone is thin there) and jam upward at a 45 degree angle. You'll scramble his medulla oblongata and his motor senses are cut off immediately. Now THAT's a silent kill.

    Silenced weapon would be the best, but there's NO such thing as a silenced weapon. Only a surpressed one, that still makes noise.

    just FYI

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    It hardly makes noise though, I got a silent assasin rating on the doctor mission by killing her with the SD and putting her in the body. I also didn't kill any guards and used the clothes lying on the temple.

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    i think that's the lamest idea ever. i can imagine the animation for it right now, see the guy stick the knife in the back of the head lol man. why would anyone do that? and you pretend you know know so much about this stuff you've been writing this in 3 forums already. i've seen this guy in half-life 2 forum talking about this. who do you think you are? marine force recon? navy seal? get a life

    here's the simple fact:

    people dont like that move your talking about. silent skill? what ever, there's a bunch of ways to do it, and people tend to look the other way when you're tlaking about sticking a knife up a guy's neck. what makes you think hitman would do that?

    what makes you think he'l abandon his duel silenced ballers and fiber wire for soem cheap german knife so he can stick it up a guy's head.

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    To an extent Ed is correct. 47 would be quite familiar with the move as a Silent Assasin. The real problem with the move is that it is too messy. You don't want to waste time cleaning up to get out of a place quickly and unnoticed. People will notice someone covered in blood. But, it is one of the most silent kills.

    Basicly, once done the body would go completly limp in a split second of the action. And you would have more control over the body if done correctly. Using a garrot is is far less silent. Infact it has the potential to be even noisier than slitting someones throat. You have some control over the victim, but not much. If there is a wall or window or anything near enough to kick, hit or grab something and throw, etc. You can't control the victims arms and legs. Your hands are full already, and trying to use your legs to control theirs would be impossible and throw you off ballance. Depending on how you do it. By Hitmans actions he is doing it a very potentialy noisy way. And despite how quickly the game (or in the movies for that matter) takes a person out with a garrot is not entirely true. A very fit person could last quite a while on a breath of air and little blood getting to the brain. So it would not be as quick as a shive to the brain and scrambled. Which would also be a lot more silent but messier.
    47 would be quite versed in this action.

    You really wouldn't see the animation cause the 3rd person view would block your view for the most part.

    But, This is just a game. For the game, the garrot works well enough.

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    The best attack with the knife is usually a stabbing motion upward into the throat, not across. The advantage is close contact to the victim, so you can hold them, control them, and move them wherever you want. The alternative - piercing the spinal stem - keeps you further away from the victim, giving you less control and allowing the body to flop all over, potentially and likely making a lot more noise and commotion.

    Personally, you can't go wrong with a silenced glock or beretta. One shot to the head, and they go down. Maybe not permanently, but they sure as hell won't be causing any trouble in the time it takes you to complete your objective.

    The best way to garrote someone is a swift motion. If you're tall enough, then hook under the chin and quickly pull up. If you're fast and strong, you break the neck. If you aren't as big or strong, pull down and choke them against the ground. Use quick jerks when they are down to try to break through their esophagus.

    You can also use the outside of your hand and chop them in the throat. You break the esophagus, and they won't be causing any problems.

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    Better hope the moral mongers don't view this thread.
    I would think that the fibre wire is a lot about surprise. From just standing there to fighting for your life in a split second would probably shock people.