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Thread: FFXIV: ARR PS4 Beta


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    Try checking your account info on their sites...for some reason there's 2 sites (not sure why) and one of them is what links your account to allow you to play the beta

    I'm not sure why but I couldn't get the first site to save my info and link it to my PSN after I updated and changed it, but I had better success with the 2nd site. Give it a shot (particularly the second web address). Just make sure all your info is up to date and you've got your correct region selected. Hope this took me about 10 minutes to figure it all out, but I was probably lucky it's starting to seem like.

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    Where is the ps4 beta forum?

    I have an older 52inch projection TV that is 1080i and I can't play this game at all since all the text is unreadable. Shame.

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    Originally Posted by CoreyBFTS
    Immediately, the main issue that is deterring me from enjoying the game as much as I could be is how incredibly small all of the text is in the dialogue and the HUD. I am playing on a 42" screen and my living room is not that large, but need to sit in front of the TV like it is a computer monitor. Please increase text sizes, or provide an option for the player to be able to adjust. Thanks!
    Exactly this. I played about an hour of the beta, and it wowed me. I have never played any FF games past FFVIII and this game really amazed me visually. I was so excited until I started to get anoyed that I couldnt sit on my couch and had to stand up at the tv. I will buy this game if they increase the text size so I can play comfortably on my couch, but if they keep it this way, it seems I may miss out on a game that I could truly love to play. So Square-Enix, please fix this issue. Thanks.

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    Ha! thing is no1 can log in2 the beta form, it's called the Loadstone and it's a known issue? Who knows when or IF it will be fixed?
    I can't link it sorry, cause im using my Ps4 as my browser lol But i do seeing a link somewhere on the Square Enix page? Im sure someone 1 else will post a link it BUT you would "think" being an official Square Enix forum their would already be 1?

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    Originally Posted by markh82
    Thanks for posting. Do you know if SE are aware of the size problem with the text inside the speech bubbles?
    I couldn't believe that they released a beta for a living room HDTV game with UI / text size more appropriate for a screen < 2 feet from the player. My beta experience involved standing ~3 feet from my HDTV squinting to read text as I went through the elaborate character creation options. Then I had to pick some server which I later learned is not the same one that rest of my friends in the beta used. Then I ended up on some kind of kart ride with some character talking to me with tiny speech bubbles again requiring me to stay close to the screen.

    I just got tired of standing and I couldn't handle the really tiny UI elements and tiny text bubbles that you have to read. So that was my phenomenal beta experience with FF XIV.

    Even though I have a bunch of online friends playing FF XIV on the PS3 and some looking to upgrade to the PS4 for the better graphics, I think this game is just not for me.

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    Did anyone else have targeting issues? I would lock my target then after my next attack on my locked target it would revert to my last target i attacked.

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    Anybody played a realm reborn beta on ps4 this weekend?

    I don't know if anybody thought this but i was kind of disappointed in the graphics wise, the pc one looks stunning, but the ps4 one looks bland and flat

    will they optimize the graphics later on?
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    If you'd played on the PS3 you would not say it looked bland and flat! Everyone I've spoke to has said it looks just as good as a higher end PC currently does, main difference between the PS3 and PS4 is draw distance and the amount of characters that can be displayed at once.

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