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Thread: Thank you Amy Hennig, Crystal Dynamics & Eidos

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    Thank you Amy Hennig, Crystal Dynamics & Eidos

    I allmost forgot to thank you for this and other Legacy of Kain games. Legacy of Kain will be remembered forver by those who were "chosen" to play it
    Script twists catches up with Matrix if not surpases it!
    Graphics were always great, same as voice acting and music.
    Performance is great! No new game is loading/runing so fast. [I haven't seen one]

    I hope at least someone will see this thread to whom it was addressed. I'm sure that there are many people who think the same.
    By the way, to those who possibly will imagine that I'm crazy fanatic of the game. No, I'm not and I have even tried to forget about it at first. Still I love it, I respect it, but I live the real life. The game is great, It shows us incredible world with it's twisted history and realy personelized charachters.

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    I agree with the thanks, but please do not compare Legacy of Kain to Matrix. LOK is far much better written than any of those movies.

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    that and kain doesnt wear sunglasses all day
    nor does raz have plugs all over his body :P

    awesome games, and very cultural too

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