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Thread: [SPOILER] well well well..

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    Post well well well..

    been gone for long, because of bad, bad athmosphere here

    now i`m back, due to me playing Defiance.

    i must say this game is everything i expected it to be. bonus materials, a good soundtrack, 2 player characters, smooth graphics, nice moves, and of course a heck of a story. the camera really adds to the cinematical theme .

    it`s really sweet, and i hereby thank all of CD for this awesome game.


    on other note:

    and now for something completely different:

    i`m sorry for the way i treated you guys when i last visited. it was wrong of me, and i hope i am forgiven. truly sorry i am.


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    Welcome back, Azuriel!

    You may wish to check The Help Archive for a solution to your inquiry. If it's not there, just let us know.

    With regard to the past, what past?

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    thank you for your swift forgiveness. i hope the others are as forgiving as you are.

    i`ve been looking in that help archive (a really nice idea that should`ve been implemented sooner) and all i see on the subject is that others had/are still having trouble with it as well. i saw no solution.

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    Wow, I haven't seen you in a while, Azuriel. Welcome back!

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    thanks for the welcome, Embla

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    thanks for your help i`m past it, and am now piloting our little blue friend

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    WOW, I thoght the you were abducted by aliens, welcome back!!

    The other lost son is willow, where could he be?

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    Originally posted by Glucolisis
    The other lost son is willow, where could he be?
    Now he was abducted by aliens.

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