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Thread: Tell me about the game! Why should I buy it?

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    Tell me about the game! Why should I buy it?

    Tell me about legacy of kain.... I played the original one years ago and like it, I love vampire games...... tell me about defiance!

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    because it's the newest one!
    LoK: Defiance Gallery - open to anyone to post screenshots of the PC Version of Defiance.
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    The original was the some down view which was rpg/button masher.... what kinda game is defiance? for all the info I found online, I found very few specifics about gameplay...

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    The LOK games have a complex story. It deals with real characters in a world where the line between good and evil is gone, and the only ones that can save the world are anti-heroes. Defiance is in many ways a conclusion to all the other video games in the series. Although anyone could play it, much of the impact of the video game will be lost if you haven't played any of the others. Even with the summaries of previous events in the game, you should still play the other games so that you will really understand what is going on in Defiance.

    Defiance like all the LOK video games fits in the category of Adventure. This means you solve a few puzzles, fight enemies, and unravel mysteries while exploring the mystical world of Nosgoth. It features new combat for the series with a new version of the classic three-hit slash combo, new uppercut slash, newly introduced special combo moves, weapon enhancements with elemental abilities and for the first time you can play as the two main protagonists of the series each with their own dark gifts.
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    Buy the game now if you liked any of the past ones, but you really should play the rest of the games through a couple of times just so you don't get confused
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    Dogfight summed the whole series up perfectly.

    If you enjoyed ANY of the previous games, go out and rent them all, complete them, and buy Defiance ASAP. It's an excellent addition and conclusion conclusion to a most excellent series.

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    Depending on how you feel about the camera in this outing, this may only be worth a rental. It's a shame that the camera gets in the way so much of enjoying the story, at least for me. "One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, somehow expecting a different outcome."

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    I still don't get everyone's beef with the camera, I personally liked it, and while the angles were a bit tricky at times, it was no worse than in any of the other games. But back to the point, at least rent the other games before hand or read the plot of the other games on the internet before you play the game
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    i'd suggest picking up Soul Reaver 1 first, and you should be able to find it cheap. then buy SR2 (which should also be cheap). ignore Blood Omen 2 and then get Defiance. now that you've played SR1 & SR2, the story will mean so much more for you. if you feel so inclined, get BO2, but BO2 is really optional to me. i haven't played BO1 yet, but BO2 is by far my least favorite.

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    Thumbs Down

    I had problems with it. It is unplayable with the cinematic camera.

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    No "Slam" postings.
    We have zero tolerance for "slam" postings to our boards. By slam postings, we mean posts that make statements such as, "This product is horrible. No one should buy it." Those postings will be removed from our site, as will any posting that refers to your fellow board users, our moderators, our developers, Eidos Interactive or even our competitors in a derogatory manner.
    Please revise the rules of this community...

    Thank you!

    Oh and Lach... The game and the camera are GREAT! But I don't advise you to buy it unless/before you have played all the previous games because the story would be weird...
    But if you have... go ahead!

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    Originally posted by Soul Reaver
    Please revise the rules of this community...
    how is xarax braking the rule here? he just want to make a point that the game has very bad camera and it made the game unworthy to buy. This is no slamming, just an advice

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    By slam postings, we mean posts that make statements such as, "This product is horrible. No one should buy it."
    Okay okay... I was a bit harsh but still the game has various other good aspects so...

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    Thumbs Down Slamming...

    The cinematic camera is the ONLY real problem (other than an occasional crash for some folks). Broken puzzles can be fixed with a patch, but the cinematic camera is a fundamental element of the game engine that cannot be patched.

    It's kind of alright for combat, but it makes jumping puzzles impossible. I had to give up after wasting hours just trying to get past the start of chapter 2. Game playability is a fundamental reason for urging folks not to buy this game. There was no reason to change to a cinematic camera, and it has caused wide alienation of the LoK community. If the game is too frustrating, annoying, unplayable, then what good are the other "features"? I'll never see those other "good features", because I CANNOT GET THROUGH THE JUMP PUZZLES.


    I RETURNED IT FOR FULL REFUND. Raziel and Kain are history.

    The story has ended with SR2. Such a waste...

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    First of all, if a TOU violation occurs, report it to the moderators and don't handle it yourself. Secondly, there is a difference between "Don't buy it because it sucks (along with various obscenities or a list of flaws)" (Slam-posting) and "The title had (list flaws) and it deterred from my gaming experience so I returned the title..." (more constructive). This would be something to jot down into your notes for future reference, BTW.

    A majority of game sales occur based on word of mouth, and no offense, but some people are just going to dislike the title. Those that do are free to do so, as long as they remain constructive about it and don't resort to slam-posting and spreading the "don't buy" propaganda on the boards.

    Any questions, comments or other concerns you may have with regard to this aspect (or other aspects of the TOU) can be brought to my attention. Thanks.

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    With respect to TOU, "don't buy" is the same "buy", because it is a recommendation. folks take issue with my recommendation and I post the reasons. that is in compliance with the TOU.

    My main gripe is that CD let me down. They delivered an unplayable game after a string of playable games. This game promised a deeper story, a more immersive experience, and exciting combat. I MISSED OUT ON ALL OF THAT, because of the insane design choice for a cinematic camera. THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT.

    Just getting a full refund isn't satisfaction for me. Sending a monetary message to CD and Eidos, which has far more impact than an e-mail to CD, has not much satisfaction for me. I still missed this next installment, due to a needless bad design decision. I suspect there are hundreds of players having similar issues and they, too, will miss out.

    The terrible cinematic camera makes this game UNAVAILABLE to me, and that's what hurts the most.

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    But using the word "unplayable" is stupid because it is your opinion of how the game works for you.

    Other people are able to play it and with ease, so it is clearly not unplayable.

    While you may have problems with it, you should not go around promoting in every single thread you come across that it is "unplayable" and people should not buy it, because you are simply stating the same thing over and over again. One thread, one post, of those comments, suffice because you got your point out and that's that.

    But constantly saying it to everyone, everywhere, polluting all other threads with it, that's just immature and poor use of judgement.

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    xarax ~ I realize that this must be very frustrating for you, and you're free to voice your cons as others voice their pros, but you don't have to base your case on "buy" vs. "don't buy". Just state your case (your gaming experience) objectively and allow people to make their own mind up for themselves. To be honest with you, doing so from both sides of the argument would be beneficial to prospective players. If a prospective player isn't satisfied by the responses he/she receives in threads like this, there's always the option to rent the title before committing to a purchase.

    You are in the minority with regard to this issue. (Something that unfortunately often invites a lot of flack). But by the same token, that does not give you the right to advocate a public boycott of the company's products on their forum. You've been a valuable contributing member in the past, there's no sense in violating the TOU at this point to jeopardize that.

    From this perspective, (upon reading many, many, many camera-related threads), it appears to be the excitement of the game, the newer camera style combined with the patience-level of any given player that leads to the negative comments. I personally have not had any time to properly formulate my overall opinion of the game. What I can formulate at this point with regard to the camera is that I overall enjoyed it, but by the same token, I also experienced some weird angles that I didn't particularly care for as well. (I especially don't care for looking at the wall while Raziel is off battling whatever in some corner or jumping right into the water with Kain because I didn't have my perspective right).

    The main point is that I realize that there are pros and cons to the camera, but by the same token, the cons (in my case) were not un-manageable. I have yet to find a game that I can't play. (Well, with the exception of SH2 and PE, but that's because they bore me story-wise).

    I have no say on what you choose to do (or not to do) on your own time, but I have asked that you refrain from making multiple threads (or polluting other threads - unless its relevent to the subject-at-hand), that you remain constructive and within the confines of the TOU and that you keep your "boycott" off the boards. I'm sure you can get your point across better without doing any of the above. The more that you continue the above, the more threads that will most likely need to be closed (because they're taken either off-topic or end up being inflammatory). This does not have to happen.

    Something to ponder over, I'm sure.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Funny, I didn't ever come across a part in the game where the camera made it "impossible" to get through, sure the camera had some bad angles every once in a while but not any worse than in SR1, SR2, or BO2, in fact, I think the camera was better in this game than in any of the others. It really flowed nicely.
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    Enough about the god-forsaken camera!

    In my opinion, you should DEFINATELY buy Defiance, especially if you have been following the story for some time, now. Alot of plot holes are filled, and it is a satisfying partial conclusion, storywise.
    The graphics are beautiful. Hands down, this game is major eye-candy.
    The music is beautiful, too. Some complain that the tracks are recycled from older games, but that doesn't bother me. They are still beautiful, and they bring a sense of nostalgia to those who have played the older games and remember their play experience in that particular level. Some new tracks are included, also.
    The character animation is flawless and smooth. The lipsynching is on-target. The character models are amazing.
    The combat system is AWESOME! Sort of like DMC, but better since it's not just hack/slash, but elemental imbuements and key to puzzle solving. The puzzles are mindbending in a great way, keeping in tradition with those of SR1 and 2 of thinking strategy, but easier for the gamer who is more action oriented. And not as many block puzzles.

    Only gripe is the camera system, but it can be easily worked around. It is a minor flaw.

    This is one of my favorite games in my PS2 library.

    If you want to catch up on the story, get SR1 and SR2. SR2 is easy to find, and you should be able to get it for around $20.00. SR1 was hard for me to find, but I got it along with BO1 in a Collector's Edition for about $35.00. Play BO2 AFTER Defiance, so you can grasp the story better than we did, since we've played BO2 before Defiance, and it left us confused. BO2 is available for about $20.00 also.
    Although if you want to bypass all that playing, just get SR2. It wraps up everything nicely, and it is my favorite (next to Defiance) because it was my first game in the series. You will highly enjoy it.

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    grab this game, it`s good

    good story, smooth graphics, an awesome soundtrack and 2 ubercool characters to top it off

    camera is resident evil style (2nd person, or 4th, whatever) and while some cant get used to this, it adds alot to the cinematical theme of the game. after a while you might even feel like an actor, because of how fluently the game goes from moving through rooms into a cinematic.

    this is my advice


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