After purchasing Invisible Wars for the PC, I must say that I am rather shocked at how horrible the sequel is compared to the original. Virtually everything that made the original great has either been dumbed down (biomods, inventory system) or stripped out completely (skill system).

Really, the user interface and the high level of gameplay options is what interested me the most about Deus Ex, how advanced it all was, how realistic it made the game feel, and yet how simple and easy it was to use.

I had high hopes for Deus Ex 2, but I see that has crashed horribly on the rocks of insipid pandering to 12 year old game players that must be told to go look for a vent to crawl through, and locked into a handheld game controller design that can't handle an advanced user interface or a variety of gameplay options.

So, what other options are there? What other games can I turn to for highly flexible gameplay and an intuitive user interface?

Deus Ex is number one on my list, in terms of realistic use of inventory space, ease of hotkey assignments, a good skill system that can really strain you if you don't upgrade certain things enough, a wide selection of biomods, and game flexibility of not needing to follow any one route or require you to go through with guns blazing.

Number two for me is System Shock 2, which has an exceptionally high-end UI, an excellent inventory system like Deus Ex where small objects take up less room than large objects, the inventory space grows as you gain strength, and it has a nice skillsystem that is quite deep for learning special psychic abilities.

Number three for me is the original System Shock, which looks very crude by modern standards yet has a very advanced game UI for its time. It's almost a sort of Doom engine meshed with a popup user interface.

Beyond these three, there aren't really many other games I can think of with high-end realistic user interfaces. DX2 falls horribly short, flat on its face compared to the control and realism of the original.

What other games can I turn to, for the level of advanced user interface and control I've come to demand after tasting the fruits of Deus Ex and System Shock 2?