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Thread: FFXIV: Character Questions and Concerns

FFXIV: Character Questions and Concerns

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    testers are prohibited from disclosing any proprietary information related to the Beta Test. Beta Testers shall not disclose, publish, distribute, transmit, post, or otherwise make available, directly or indirectly, any Confidential Information regarding specifications of the Beta version

    if his question would get him removed

    then i wouldnt want to spend my money and support that kind company

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    Originally Posted by Saha

    Uhm, just saying just in case you want to keep your account. You can't distribute information outside of Beta.

    You can't?

    NDA is partially lifted. He can't expose any videos, but he can talk about Beta itself I thought?

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    Character name save

    Is there a way to save a specific name before launch so you can make sure you can get the character name that you want?

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    I'm curious as to why you'd even care to save a name...

    Considering you can pretty much have any name you want. Usernames consist of a First and Last name, and from my experience anyways... coming up with even one username is difficult enough, let alone a First, and Last Name. I'd say it doesn't really matter if you're able to save usernames or not, due to this fact alone.

    Pretty hard for someone to steal your username. I'd imagine it's pretty rare for two people to think of the same First and Last name, unless of course you're trying to copy it from a game, show, anime, etc. Then it's not that rare, but anyone who can't come up with an original name on their own, deserves to have their name "Unavailable" in my opinion anyways haha.

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    If you're able to participate in Phase 4 or Early Access, the characters you create will be carried over to the official release on August 27th. While you are not able to reserve a name specifically, those who play at launch will not be able to use your name if they are playing on the same server.

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    FFXIV: Character Questions and Concerns

    Basically I know this questions has been asked and answered a lot, but I can't remember the answer. I played FFXIV ever since launch 2 years ago or so, but didn't play much towards the end ( maybe the last 4 months before servers came down) . My question is, will FFXIV Realm Reborn still have my toon that had most jobs already to 50 saved on it? or Will I have to start from scratch when Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn goes live?

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    Hey there

    i BELIEVE your account will continue from Version 1 onto the new servers.. altho personally i'd want to start again to get to see the new world fully <-thas me hehe
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    Error Message while creating characters

    I was in the Phase 3 beta so I thought I would get a head start on leveling my characters today. However, when I was creating my character it would give me an error message stating that my current service account does not allowme to create any more characters..can anyone help?

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    My character from scratch?

    Does anyone here know if I'm supposed to start my character from scratch? I've had a lot of time on my hands raising my character's archer class & now I see a totally new race & gender to start over with. Is this something that applies for everyone, even previous beta testers?

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    FFXIV Play same character from ps3 to pc

    Can I play my character from ps3 to pc.cos sometime I like to go back and fourth

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    From what I've read,yes it is possible.But how it works is another question,one which I have no answer to hahaha. But yeah you can,so I've read.

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    You can yes. You will have to buy both a pc version and a ps3 version of the game though. then it's just a matter of signing into your account on the pc or ps3

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    If you can, then couldn't you just buy the PS3 copy and play on both with that since you already have an account and could potentially download the client for the PC without paying for it?

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    I am also have the same issue. Participated in the phase 3 beta but can not create a new character with the same error message. Any ideas as to why?

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    Bound by Duty character glitch? unplayable

    Ive been experiencing this problem for about 12 + hours now, where as if i go to send someone a /tell it gives me the error message of being bound by duty even though i am not currently active in one. The link shell, friends list, and search functions are all also greyed out/disabled and when i actually do go to try and register/join a duty or main storyline instance, i am immediately kicked from the server with the message "cannot connect to server 9000" error. Ive tried sending in 3 help tickets (over the course of 12 + hours, of course no response or help) as well as tried clearing out my quest/duty cache to no avail. The game is now pretty much unplayable for me now. I am a lvl 16 gladiator on the Adamantoise server named Lemroth Firestorm. Is anyone else experiencing this issue and or have a fix for it? Is there a place where i can post my problem where SE might actually react to it. Any help is appreciated.

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    im getting this error when i try to finish my character

    "your current service account does not allow for the creation of anymore characters in this world"

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    Yeah same here. I've been waiting for this game forever and now it's pulling this stuff. Wtf is going on? I'd also like an answer.

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    i logged out and logged back in and it randomly worked! i now how a problem with a friend tho... he registered his account but he cannot log into the game.

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    Originally Posted by FryChikN
    "your current service account does not allow for the creation of anymore characters in this world"

    I got the same message. I selected another server and was able to log in.

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    I'm trying to make my character but it's still processing, been waiting for over an hour. Dx

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    Final Fantasy XIV on the PS3 wont let me log into my character

    While I was in the middle of the game, the game suddenly just logged me out. When I tried to log back in, it said it was unable to update the character servers. but when it finally did, it kept saying my character is still logged in. Whats going on?

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    Your character is already logged in...

    No, it isn't. The server disconnected me coming out of an instance and now I'm unable to log back in because the server seems to think my character is still there. Hopefully tech team is aware of this and is fixing ASAP.

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    Same thing here for computer.

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    The worst part is other people are able to play. How dare they play without me.

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    Almost 1h after crach and game still think I'm in game.....

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