I've eBayed my game back to where it came from, but as I haven't send it to the buyer yet (still waiting for the money) I've just played some minutes... three things stung my eyes...

1.) When trying to set free Ava's heli I've killed the two guards that are guarding the entrance to the comm romm. There's a shaft down there, another guard walking the level below. I wanted to check out the AI, dropped a body right on the guard passing one level below... it hit her, but she DID NOT REACT AT ALL. What a letdown. She just walked around her comrades body and continued patrol. Whee... ha...

2.) Same level, different spot. The automated defense system (rocket launchers) codes' are lying somewhere on the ground. What brilliant security WTO's got. They don't save their codes on some computers or something... NO... they just drop 'em into some dark corner, hoping no one will stumble upon them. Weird.

3.) Next level, Mako ballistics. Just after the starting room I've encountered a hunter bot. The manual desvribed them as intelligent and adaptable killer machines (or something like that), but this example just stood there, watching me stafing in and out of a door, shooting him into pieces (took 5-6 shots) without reacting him in any way. He tried to shoot me, alright, but he did not move at all ... suicidal AI, I guess?

These are just some of the bugs and annoyances i've encountered while trying to enjoy the game for an hour or so.
The levels design's absolutely flawed, as is the AI.