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Intro Cinematic Problem

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    Superbee1969JJ Guest

    Question Intro Cinematic Problem

    We all seem to share the problem with very slow, unbearable, game play but I hope I am not the only one with this problem. When I start the game the company logos sometimes don’t play (which is kind of good) and the intro plays VERY slowly, I would say a frame every 2 seconds. What could cause this? Is it the same “thing” that causes the slow game play and could this also be fixed in a patch?

    I know that a patch is being developed but does anyone know any specifics?

    Thank you for your time

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    All I can say is to try all the tweaks listed. I had similar issue along with the crash to desktop thingy. I did the compatibility mode along with tweaking default.ini to initialize only 1 audisubsystem and to change cachesizemeg to 32 instead of one.

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    RichardStockworth Guest
    I have the same problem and have yet to find a solution. Videos play fine outside of the game though.