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Radeon 9800 pro

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    Radeon 9800 pro

    I just bought Deus Ex 2 today for the PC and I am very disappointed. I installed the game and ran it but at the menu I noticed that it was not doing so well. It was very choppy. Even if I set the graphics to the lowest point the game is VERY “choppy” and intolerable to play. Also, the intro plays at about one frame per second. But my system should have no problem handling this game, maybe at say a resolution of 1600 by 1200 I will have a problem but not at 800 by 600.

    Does anyone know if the Radeon 9800 Pro has any problems because I paid a lot of money and all other games I have work fine.

    I have an AMD 2200 over clocked to 3200 (2.21)
    512 RAM

    Please if you can help… Help

    Thank you!

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    You might want to take the time to do a search on the board to find certain tweaks folks have used to smooth things out a little.

    There are quite a few changes to the default.ini file that help performance.

    Search and you will find it.
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    Also, in the ATI display control thingy, set anti alliasing and other stuff to "Application prefference"

    I have a P4 2GHz 512MB DDR with Radeon 9700 pro 128MB and am running DX:IW at 1024 * 768 and am getting 25 to 30 FPS (measured using fraps).

    I started off with at times FPS dropping to 6 or 7, but following the various ini tweaks and the application prefference thingy, all is now perfectly playable.

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    The 9800 pro is a fine card, but you haven't provided enough information for anyone to help. Try this.

    Though given the number of people who think the GF4MX is a modern card, I wouldn't count on too much help.

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    I just got one and it works great you have to download catalyst 3.9.

    Its not your video card. 1078x648 or whatever resolution. Settings on high no skipping slow downs etc. Runs a baby booty.