Thread: Who do I follow???!?!?!

Who do I follow???!?!?!

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    Who do I follow???!?!?!

    I am about 15-16 hours into the game on the 3rd level. Cairo or whatever. Anyway, I am just giving instructions by the order to kill Docter Nassif. I dont want to kill her. I want to do whatever I can to be able to meet (hopefully) JC and team up with Tong again. I started out following the order because thats what Billie adams told me to do. I did that because I wanted to follow her because she was in the begining trailer you know. Plus Max chens daughter. That was a name I recognized so I wanted to follow her as well. Anyway, If I have to start over and follow the WTO I will. If that is what Nassif and that other guy in the white (the guy in the trailer with the same voice as simons from the first game). Please, somebody who has beat the game tell me the best people to follow. this is driveing me crazy. The order are wack now that I see what they want. But Im already a renegade to the WTO pretty much. Whatever I have to do to follow JC and Tong, thats what I want to do. I am also haveing ALOT of trouble just understanding the whole plot. I would apreaciate some help.


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    don't read unless you do not want to be surprised

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    ok, Who is chad? Who is Niccolet? I am terrible with names. I can read my goal list and completely forget it. 5-6 times before I finally figure out what to do. Thats why im 16 hours in the game and only on the 3rd level. All I really want out of this game is to see JC, I miss him. I wish they would make DX1 again for my xbox. I just love the story. or make it a book or something. That would be cool. Anyway, thanks for your help. See, I like organization with my games. I have been stumbling through this thing the whole way trying to follow this person, then this person. Anyway, I think ill continue to stumble on through. Then I will paly through a few more times till I get it right in my mind. Its really nerve racking right now....

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    ok, but depending on what I do will I be on there side? or not.

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    chad was the leader in the paris catacombs and nicolette was the one you met at the club in paris and she took you to her mothers house and from there you went into the i want to say templar church but i can't remember it had a whole bunch of gold in it

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    Nicolette was the daughter of the deceased Illuminati in Paris, and Chad was the leader of the Sillouhette terrorists in the catacombs.

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    ok, now I am in the templer compound. I played for 4 hours lastnight to get there. But Im there now. After school I guess I FINALLY get to see JC. Oh, and I now remember all that you have been saying about chad and nicolette from the first one. I am also learning about something else in this game (please dont tell me the answer) I just find it strange, Sid Black charges a mountain of money to take me anywhere. Cause thats what he does, thats his job. But this girl with the chopper doesnt charge a cent, and now she is starting to act strange and hacked my head to watch what I do. Im tellin you she's got some kind of angle.