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Thread: Deus Ex: Invisible War - Easy as CAKE Tweak Guide

Deus Ex: Invisible War - Easy as CAKE Tweak Guide

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    Deus Ex: Invisible War - Easy as CAKE Tweak Guide

    BLUE=Relatively NEW addition
    RED=LATEST addition

    This Tweak Guide is as easy as CAKE, if you are not an XBOX owner. If you are I will consider answering any questions you might have due to your mental handicap. J/K that's just some good humor; I happen to own an xbox indirectly. My brother has one, and I can say it is my favorite console.

    DRIVERS: THESE ARE NOT THE OFFICIAL DRIVERS. NVHARDPAGE IS NOT MADE OR SUPPORTED BY NVIDIA. DNA IS NOT MADE OR SUPPORTED BY ATI. USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRESION. I must also say i have used the drivers for ever and only had improvements. If you don't trust the drivers you can read about them on their sites.


    - Download the latest forceware drivers and then download NVHARDPAGE
    once done install it, and enter the program.
    Click performance wizard, now answer the question first question with performance instead of quality(most likely you want Deus ex to get more frames, don't worry you won't suffer too much IQ at all). Go though the questions it asks you, and yes you will be using antialiasing(i.e. mutlisampling)

    Lately there have been people worried about installing modified drivers because they are not official. I know this is due to them not understanding what it is meant by modified, so I will explain. In no way do any modified drivers change the instructions for the videocard. They change the way the card interfaces with the system, or any other thing like that. What they do is change settings like LOD, Filtering, buffering, AA, and other settings to get more quality or performance out of the drivers. They will not cause problems. It is exactly the same as changing the quality slider in the advanced display properties menu. That is all it is, in no way did some make their own drivers for the card. This would be an incredibly impossible task for one individual to partake. That is why Nvidia and Ati hire masses of people to develop their drivers. If you are still shaky on whether or not to install them, then you obviosly don't understand what I just got done saying. So to put it simply, the only difference between the official and unofficial is the official you have to tweak it yourself, and the unofficial it is done by a talented individual. However the more you look into it, the less and less talent you see it takes. If you know what you are doing and you want the best tweaker that supports ATI and NVIDIA, get rivatuner at Only download this tool if you know what you are doing. Even though it has the name riva in it, it is unofficial. Just like every tweaker is.

    - OMEGA DRIVERS Some people hate the new forceware driver, I dont know why but they do. So, goto get 14523a. When you have them installed goto the driverkx and replace it with this file instead.
    - to clarify, you will choose performance as usual and go all the way through the download, then when it is time to update your drivers you will replace the nv4_disp with the one in the driverKX folder, NOT the driverkx\quality folder or the driverkx\performance folder.
    OK drivers are done with
    - STARSTORM DRIVERS These do not autoinstall you must update from the device manager. Personally I like these drivers better. The 53.03 drivers are now released.

    - goto panging's post and do what it says. Now you will have to scripts, one that disables the services and one that defaults them. When you run the script you antivirus will say it is malicious, it is not. By looking at the code of the script it is obvious it will not cause any harm to your system.
    OK services are taken care of

    - get cacheman at once it is installed, click profiles and load the gaming profile. done with that exit out cacheman, you should never have to use it again.
    - goto and download gamegain. NOTE: this is just the demo version and all it does is a query of you systems hardware and then puts tweaks in the registry. There are two settings, fast and fastest. There is a difference in how good the tweaks are, but fast will have to do. I will not give any information out about my cdkey or any illegal actions to hinder the program. So, don't ask. This is nothing you couldn't research and find which registry keys do what, but this is a much easier way to do everything.

    - download DXTOOL
    look at the screenshot it has of the program, those are what you settings should be at. Except put anistrophic filtering level at 1
    - downlaod DXIW tweaker 1.3.4
    For the settings on this one, use common sense, only put antialiasing on 1(i.e. multisampling). Putting it on 0 will result in considerable graphical glitches on some cards.

    ONE LAST THING, So you want to cheat but have no clue how, go here:
    - once everything is done, rename demotravel.txt to travel.log, and save it to the DXIW system folder. Now play, i know it gives you the option to choose what you look like, but all you will ever be is a white female. When it asks what to put the shadows LOD (i.e. level of detail) put it at 0 for performance.
    Ok that is everything you could possibly do.
    One last NOTE: None of these tweaks, drivers, or reg hacks are supported by Eidos, Ionstorm, Microsoft or anyone else affiliated with any kind of official team. They are not official in any kind of way. Use at your on discresion

    NEW Tweaks or one's I FORGOT
    - Download enditall2 and once you have it enditall before you play the game. If you have an antivirus program, firewall, ghosting program, system utitilities program, you will have to click the allow kill button to get rid of it. I strongly recommend this to gain better performance. For your antivirus you can keep it locked, just disable it during your gameplay. For everything else enditall.
    - Download TweakUI at windows site Then disable CD autorun to get rid of the ION launcher during gameplay.
    - Defragment you computer. You would be surprised how much this really helps. If you want a good defragmenter, I suggest purchasing Perfect Disk v6.0. It gives the ability to defrag your files according to use, and it defrags your page file and other system oriented files.
    - OPTIMIZE YOUR BIOS SETTINGS These are the settings you should have. To be safe, don't change anything relating to your ram unless you know what you are doing. To get into your BIOS, press the DEL, F1, or F2 keys. It will most likely be the DEL or F1 key to get in. Once your in gointo each menu looking for the BIOS settings listed.
    If you already have an unstable system do not do this, it will not help in the least bit. My system is stable because I have configured it correctly, explaining how to do this would be a whole tweak guide in itself which I don't have the time to do. This tweak is most effective on slower machines, but you will get some increase with faster ones as well. In order for this to work you must have absolutely no programs running in the background. If you know how to end the task on window's shell that is also recommended. What high priority does, is it put the majority of the processors cycles on the program you are running. This will cause instablility if other programs are running, because not all programs are written to be compatible while another program is in this mode. YOU MUST EXIT OUT OF ANTIVIRUS. I know for a fact with mine on it messes everything up. I have tested this mode for a while now and I haven't had any crashes. This will not work with all games, it doesn't work for Halo. I tried it and I can never get it to go more than about 10 mins. Ok without further a do, here is how you do it:
    Create a new text file in your DXIW system directory
    type this (start /high dx2.exe) no parenthesis.
    now goto save as in the file menu
    goto the save as type box and put it as ALL instead of .txt
    now for the name type dx2.bat
    then create a shortcut by rightclicking and then create shortcut
    drag and drop the shortcut to your desktop
    ok its done

    Oops I forgot something, you will probably want to know how my game performance is with these tweaks
    Well, on a Athlon XP 1800, Ti 4200, 768 ram Windows XP PRO SP2.
    My playing Res is at 800 by 600. It runs incredibly smooth. It is easily above 40fps. Those of you saying 30fps is a playable framerate, how dare you. 30fps is terrible, it has frequent pause ups. I would hope for 40fps at least. To test this, if you have halo, use the 30fps sync mode, and just watch how crappy your gameplay is. By following everything on this guide, you will be able to play at framerates above 30fps easily. However, 486 and with S3 built into the motherboard should take their DXIW game and burn for warmth from this cold winter were having. Thats all.

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    hmm this sounds good. i`ll give it a try.
    my system is not very different from yours:

    p4 1,7ghz
    512mb ddr 266
    gf4ti4200 128mb ddr agp8x
    winxp pro (no sp)

    i runt the game at 640x480 everything at low and its still sluggish.

    btw the link for twekui is borken.

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    Fixed broken link
    I fixed the broken links stated in the post on this forum. I retested all the thinks and they work.

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    Hey there. I have uninstalled the game. If I do what you say in this thread will I be able to play. I'm the guy with the "unable to authenticate disk". I downloaded the wertoy setup exe. and disabled cd autorun and it still did the same thing. I just want to play the game. Thanks very much for your help.

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    mgeorge, what kind of CD-rom drive do you have? Have you updated the hardware drivers for it recently? Try doing this. If that still doesn't work, contact our technical support. Either your CD-rom drive doesn't like the copy protection, or you may have gotten a bad disc. Hope this helps!

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    This is just a tweak guide, it most likely will not fix that problem. The purpose of this guide is to make the game have more playable framerates. He is right when he says you need to update your firmware. That is most likely the problem. Another possibility is that you have a bad disc. When I first bought AVP2 I was having cd problems on my older system. Then I exchanged it for another copy and it fixed the problem. You can try both of these options. You would be able to exchange it too considering the policy is you may exchange for the same copy, just not a different copy. Hope this helps you out

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    Hey guys. Thanks for the help. It is a Philips CD Rom drive (Right?)and there are no firmware updates for it. (called HP). I also have already brought the game back to the store for a different copy which hasn't worked either. There is an update for the Samsung sv4002h on the HP website, but I couldn't get it to open. Is this what I need? I really appreciate the help.

    Disk & DVD/CD-ROM Drives
    Drive: C:
    Free Space: 14.1 GB
    Total Space: 33.7 GB
    File System: NTFS
    Model: SAMSUNG SV4002H

    Drive: D:
    Model: PHILIPS CDD4851 CD-R/RW
    Driver: c:\windows\system32\drivers\cdrom.sys, 5.01.2600.1106 (English), 8/29/2002 03:27:56, 47488 bytes

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    BTW, I did contact support and they said the same thing you guys are saying. Maybe I just can't play the game as I've tried just about everything I've seen on these threads. If you have any other suggestions I would appreciate it.

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    c0mpact Guest

    Re: Easy as CAKE Tweak Guide

    Originally posted by Eleazar
    - download DXTOOL
    look at the screenshot it has of the program, those are what you settings should be at. Except put anistrophic filtering level at 1

    Read the thread and use:
    for the download since the other link doesn't work.. at least for me it doesn't.

    ...and something is wrong with my connection so I can't go to anything with if you PERHAPS have the same problem.. see above..

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    SFUPA13 Guest

    Rolleyes Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have an NVIDIA geForce2 MX 400 graphics card running in my computer. Will this NVIDIA FORCEWARE you mention help me? I know this problem may sound like I am repeating what some people have already have said. I am having a problem with the pixel shading. Would get another copy help me?

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    Re: Help!!!!!!!!!!!

    Originally posted by SFUPA13
    I have an NVIDIA geForce2 MX 400 graphics card running in my computer. Will this NVIDIA FORCEWARE you mention help me? I know this problem may sound like I am repeating what some people have already have said. I am having a problem with the pixel shading. Would get another copy help me?
    No, your card will not run the game. There is nothing you can do to make the game run short of buying a better video card.

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    I followed everything in this post and now my game is running in windowed mode.
    How do I turn full screen back on?

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    Yea i did everything except dl new drivers becasue they everything after 46.XX wont let me play WOlf:ET and a few other games. ANything else i can do to bolster performance?

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    jackal_ Guest
    Great initiative with the guide, but I had no luck with it.

    When I just ran the game out of the box it was simply unplayable, we're talking slideshow here. I remembered that I had FSAA at 4x and Aniso at 8x so I disabled both of those and restarted the game. Improvement, but still felt really sluggish. Downloaded the 1.1 patch. No improvement.

    Started up fraps to see just how bad it was.. wow.. Around 20 fps just running around the first level. Set the resolution down to 800x600, turned off shadows, the blur thing and set everything else to lowest setting. Yippie.. sometimes my fps made it up to 35, but was mostly around 20-25.

    Found this guide, now this looks interesting. Got the DNA drivers, downloaded the DXTOOL with your recommended settings. Well, it resulted in a decrease with a few fps. My average fps was nog between 17 and 19.

    I already have my system pretty tweaked as far as services and cpu/mem usage goes.

    Well, what kind of system am I running? Must be some slow ass PIII with a voodoo2 right? nope..

    XP1700+ @ 2300 Mhz
    2 x 256MB Twinmos/WB PC3200 @ 420 Mhz DDR
    Radeon 9600 PRO @ 450/320 (orig 400/300)
    Epox 8RDA nforce2
    WD 80GB SE

    For reference, I get 3900 pts in 3dmark '03 and 13500 pts in 3dmark '01.

    I'm really frustrated.. I have a good machine. Not bleeding edge, but it should definetely be good enough. This game is just unplayable at the moment!


    Well, I played around some more with the settings. It appears I get better framerate with multisampling set to 2x. It also doesn't seem to impair performance at all to set it to 4x. I can run it in 1024x768 with 4x multisampling, all details set to high and get 10-35 fps. When I turn it down to 800x600, all details to low and multisampling to 1x I get 10-35 fps. Anybody else see the strange part of this? Just doesn't make sense.. I don't believe DX:IW really turns off settings. Most other games require something like vid_restart to apply settings.. but with DX:IW it's all instantaneous. If I can't get a stable fps of 30 I wouldn't deem a game playable..

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    I noticed the demo tweaker in the thread here and was wondering if one of them might help me with getting the game to run. I have had it since the day the game came out and haven't been able to play it because of what I think is securom issues. I am one of those people who just get the black screen most of the time when I try to play. The tweaker is in German and I'm not sure which version to try, or if it will even help. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Leviathan1313sb Guest
    Originally posted by Enclave2
    I followed everything in this post and now my game is running in windowed mode.
    How do I turn full screen back on?
    Me too, someone help!

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    tosco Guest
    I entered these forums looking for some answers and now i have more questions than before....but i am shure of one thing this invisible war sucks ,it is totally unplayable....a beta version ...may be...i won´t become crazy by a silly game ,uninstall it and install another one.
    i really loved deus ex 1 but this new one really sucks it really dissapointed me. i am playing "call of duty" "medal of honor" and "max payne 2" at full blast, that is with everything at maximum with no problem at all in my relatively modest pentium 3 with 512 ram and a nvidia FX 5200 then when i installed Invisible war and it lagged so badly even in the lowest of settings (antivirus and everything closed) i said wait a minute something is happening here.
    So I´m about to uninstall it and ...... (sorry for this but it comes out) eidos or whoever responsible for this FRAUD !!!
    Wonder if eidos people read anything of this we are writing here complaining for this unplayable game ,for god´s sake what is wrong here??? they are responsible ,they have to explain,face this situation....well i think i made myself clear...see ya

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    BeanymanJC Guest
    Hi, I'm not sure how often this thread is replied to, but I had a strange occurance on my PC.

    I applied the 'DisableXPServices' reg file as described in one of the linked forums, but after rebooting, my PC started up ok but when I clicked my start menu the CPU load on 'explorer' went ballistic.

    I left it like that all night to see if it would sort itself out, but in the end I had to kill off explorer via Task Manager and then start it as a New Task. After doing that, my PC was fine.

    I just wanted to know whether anyone else has experienced this when restarting their PC?

    Also ... DX:IW runs fine on my machine in 1024x768 without any tweaks. I'm just trying a few of these things to see if I can get any higher res.

    P4 2.0Ghz
    Geforce4 Ti4200 64Mb
    768Mb RDRAM
    200Gb HDD
    Standard SB Live!
    blah blah blah


    I've just noticed that the problem seems to occur when I try to open 'Properties' on my desktop as well as when I try to run anything via the Start menu. Also, when I try to browse my disks through My Computer, it locks up and I can't move anywhere and have to kill off the process again.

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    Well I am glad I am not the only person have crappy FPS performance with this game. I bought it the day it came out and installed it on my 2100 XP , 1 gig DDR 333 , 9800 pro system. Well the performance really suxed IMHO. I knew I was going to be getting a new PC soon so I decided to unistall it and wait to play it once I got my new gaming machine. Well I finally got my new PC and the performance is still crappy. The only thing that improved was the load times. I will try these tweaks but I got a felling I am not going to get better than 25 FPS on this game and i think that is just plain bad. This is not a very efficient game egine. Below I have listed my new PC config to prove its not my PC.

    CPU - Athlon 64 3400+
    RAM - 1 gig of Mushkin level II
    MB - MSI K8T Neo
    Video - A-I-W 9800 pro 128
    Hard drive - 2-10,000 RPM SATA in RAID 0

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    hardeep Guest
    Originally posted by Leviathan1313sb
    Originally posted by Enclave2
    I followed everything in this post and now my game is running in windowed mode.
    How do I turn full screen back on?

    Me too, someone help!
    I had the same problem but only after using the DWIW tweak tool. After trial and error I found that setting UseManualRefreshRate to false corrected it. Hope thats some help.

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    omegaff Guest

    Thumbs Up

    Thanks a bunch for the help. I sunk $100 into a new graphics card for this one and i was beginning to worry that my processor wasnt good enough to handle the framerates either. Turns out all it needed was a tuneup.

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    WTF? Anyone have a solution for my problem? I just bought a tweaked out killer rig from Alienware:

    P4 Extreme 3.6 Ghz
    GeForce FX 5950
    1 Gig DDR Memory
    Sound Blaster Audigy 7.1

    ...and I still can't get the game to perform just an inkling away from a slideshow. Plus I have graphical corruptions all over the screen. I haven't downloaded the 1.2 patch cause I dont know if it will help. Please help me!!!

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    BeanymanJC Guest
    Ok ... an Update.

    I've upgraded my system to:

    P4 2.8/533 fsb
    RADEON 9800XT 256MB
    768Mb PC800 RDRAM
    200Gb HDD
    SB Live!

    DX2 runs great at all resolutions, with max details etc. It looks great and plays great.

    I've got the latest patch installed and the HighRes texture pack.

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    Well, on a Athlon XP 1800, Ti 4200, 768 ram Windows XP PRO SP2.
    My playing Res is at 800 by 600. It runs incredibly smooth.
    Not to be a snuffer but 800*600 is not good enough. This game should be run in 1280 or something that way. 800 is way too nasty for a game of this caliber and below standard these days. If you take a look at 1280 (yes...laggy..not playable) but its MUCH MUCH nicer.. the standard today.

    Thx for the guide..but maybe too much for a resolution that sucks?
    Appreciate your guide though. Thanks


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    T.natrix Guest
    The Generator is now fixed and directly generates a Travel.log.
    I hope the playermodel bug is also fixed, i can't see a mistake there anymore...

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