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Thread: Deus Ex: Invisible War - Easy as CAKE Tweak Guide

Deus Ex: Invisible War - Easy as CAKE Tweak Guide

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    ... strange episode.

    I installed the game and 1.2 patch and the game runs like syrup. I come on here.. find this thread and do EVERYTHING it says.. and the game has the gall to run even slower =O.o=

    so in frustration I uninstall the game and all applications and start over, and go through the default.ini myself (I just changed the default sensitivity on the mouse, and cachememsize to 512 (if it's ram we're talking about then I can afford it.. otherwise, whoops) and that's it)...
    and this time it runs as if in a dream. I have it set on High/High/High, 800x600, multisampling x2, bloom... and before, I'd get below 20fps from off/low/low 640x480...

    go figure.

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    Joe M. Guest
    First, thanks to the guy who wrote this tweak guide. I've increased from an average of 15 fps to an average of 23 or so.

    Second, I wish I could play IW in a resolution like 1024x768 or 800x600, alas my LCD scales down from its native resolution (1280x1024) horribly. Even the next lowest resolution decreases image quality to such a degree it's not worthwhile (though FPS do increase by 10 on average). I can only hope the 9800 pro I install tomorrow boosts performance dramatically. My current rig is a 2.2ghz AMD (clawhammer core), 1GB RAM, 9600XT.

    Far Cry on medium settings runs at 40-50 fps. Suffice to say, I'm a little disappointed in IW.

    Update: I get about 10-15 more fps with the 9800 pro. I hover around 30. Note that this is on a machine that exceeds the 'minimum' and 'recommended' specs both by a wide margin. I know that at this point no one at eidos gives a rip, but there you have it.

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    Originally Posted by Eleazar
    Those of you saying 30fps is a playable framerate, how dare you. 30fps is terrible, it has frequent pause ups. I would hope for 40fps at least. To test this, if you have halo, use the 30fps sync mode, and just watch how crappy your gameplay is.
    Lies. I'm good with 15+ FPS for my games

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    I'd love to read the link about what BIOS settings I should have (I feel like that's my problem) but the link is down.

    And I just noticed this hasn't been updated in a while =(

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