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Vid Card ?

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    jpr99 Guest

    Vid Card ?

    I know there has been lots of talk about the vid card that you can use for D ex2. I'm one of many that have a MX card and this gives me a good excuse to shell out some cash for a new one. I noticed in a post that the Nvidia FX series does have Pixel shading which is the cause of the problems.

    So will the FX 5200 work with this game?


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    Shanar_D Guest
    The FX 5200 Will 'Work' but it's a pretty crappy card from all accounts I have heard.

    Go 5600 or 5700, it'll cost you maybe $80 more tops to go 5600

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    This game engine is really shoddy so err sure you can run it with the FX5200, but does it have enough juice to pump out playable frame rates? I doubt it.

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    Jerms Guest
    After purchasing the game I ran into the same performance issues encountered by a number of other individuals on the forum. Despite a system which far exceeds the recommendations, and a Geforce 5600, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the poor framerates I was getting.

    After lots of tweaking and fooling with my system, I, in an act of desperation, installed a Geforce 5200 that I had lying around. To be honest the performance difference was minimal in IW, maybe a few fps at best.

    As far as this game goes, I'm not certain that your hardware is going to be the determining factor as far as performance goes; it seems to almost be a 'luck of the draw' situation, and the game will either react well to your hardware, or very poorly; leaving you to complain here like the rest of us.

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    I think your assessment is about right, not sure wtf they did but I heard that the game needs fillrates and power greater than that can be supplied by 5900Ultra or 9800XT, ah well the hardware will catch up in a year or two. (When PCI express is released )

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    The 5200 is the MX of the current era. It's bought by people who don't know better, and who will regret their purchase in six months time.

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    Is 5200 about the same as 4200? I have Ti 4200 with 128MB of V. RAM and forced to play on 640x480. It runs OK on 800x600, but sometimes framerate drops signifficantly during heavy combat, so I prefer the lower resolution. Other then that, it runs very well.