Thread: (MX series not supported) nice guys..

(MX series not supported) nice guys..

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    Gylden Guest

    Rolleyes (MX series not supported) nice guys..

    THEN WHY NOT WRITE IT ON THE INTERNET SITE??.. Thats just f..... up.
    Why not make a game for the modded xbox with 265mb Gfx and 1GB of ram?? or perhaps for the Playstation 5?


    This trick u just made suck.

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    Grey Mouser Guest
    Whatever, dude:

    This error means exactly what it says.

    Your video card must have Pixel Shader version 1.1 capability in order for the game engine to play.

    It will not work without a video card that supports this DirectX feature. If you receive this error message when attempting to start the game your only options are to upgrade your hardware or return the game to the point of purchase for a refund or exchange.

    Currently supported video cards include:

    nVidia - GeForce 3Ti, 4Ti, FX series - Note that GeForce 4 MX series is not supported!

    ATI Technologies - Radeon 8500, 9xxx series (Pixel Shader v1.1 required).
    Unfortunately, unless your video card has the physical components to support Pixel Shader 1.1, Deus Ex: Invisible War simply will not work. Unless you are running an Nvidia GeForce 3 ti, 4 ti, or FX, or an ATI Radeon 8500, or Radeon 9xxx series card, this game will not run. Please remember, none of the Nvidia GeForce MX, or GeForce 2/GTS/GO video cards are supported. Neither is any ATI Radeon card other than those listed on the game package. On-board Intel (82810, 82845, 82845G) video chips are NOT supported, as they lack nearly all the required hardware for Deus Ex: Invisible War.

    **Please note Nvidia TNT(2) cards and ATI Rage cards are also NOT supported.**
    I assume that you can READ right? It is also listed in the README file (hmmm....I wonder why that file is called 'READ ME'...)

    Oh says it ON THE BOX too. Oh DO HAVE A BOX THAT CAME WITH THE GAME YOU BOUGHT, RIGHT? Back to school with you I think, clearly your teachers did not do their job. I pity them tho', having to deal with the likes of you...