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Thread: The Last Remnant

The Last Remnant

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    They have to make a LAST REMNANT 2! I want a pc windows version and a PS3/4 and an Xbox with the windows version been the Main format and the game that gets the most attention. The game improved so much with the PC version. I don't know if anyone at Square will see this but I tell them this: "YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE LAST REMNANT 2 - at all costs!!"

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    Simply put - Square you have to make another last remnant!
    1 - The game has so much depth compared to other games.
    2 - The story is the best
    3 - The battle system is so cool
    4 - I just want to Omnistrike you all for not making it yet.
    5 - Its a game that lasts - it replay value is amazing
    6 - Its funny, cute, emotional and inspiring.
    7 - Its not bog standard - like a lot of games these days. Its different.
    8 - The New game plus idea is one of the best ideas in gaming.
    9 - Just think of all the things you could do with the game!!!
    10 - Ill get cyclops out if you do not make the game n then you have had it - get it - not to mention Khyrina will be so... like "OMG WTF"

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    I want another last remnant but I also want you to put it so I can download it on my PS3. I love this game and think that there is so much more potential for another.
    The last remnant is one of a kind and there is no longer any games like it or that can beat it.
    Any game that can make you cry is a bloody good game in my books. The story line is amazing, the characters are amazing the whole game is amazing .
    I would love it if you could make the PCs version of the game available on PS3 coz I would most definitely buy it and really think that the game deserves a sequel.

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    We really need this game.

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