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    This is the post for everyone's framerate at 1024x768 on default with no AA, filtering etc, just the basic display.

    Please post your system specs and use FRAPS ( to post your framerates.

    please refer to:


    Score: an average of between 16-24
    (interestingly, 'multipass doesn't make any difference whether its set to x4 or x1)

    AMD FX
    Gainward COOLFX 1800XT
    1024mb CRUCIAL DDR RAM
    ASUSTEK SK8V Motherboard
    Sony 21" Monitor
    OS: XP PRO
    DX 9.0b


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    Merlyn Guest
    Score: between 10-20 FPS average

    VIA P4PX400 Mainboard
    Intel P4 2.40 Ghz no hyperthreading
    Gainward Geforce FX 5600 Ultra XP Golden Sample
    Overclocked settings: Core Clock 450Mhz, Memory Clock 880Mhz
    512MB DDR 333Mhz Centon RAM (cheap brand.... dont buy it!)
    Soundblaster Audigy Gamer
    Windows XP Pro
    All latest drivers + Directx 9.0b

    I actually expected the scores to have a greater difference than that, considering your better graphics card and RAM twobells.

    EDIT: I just turned mouselag to 0, and while it didn't add framerate, it did even out my frames to be within 2-3 frames of 15fps while running.

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    Thanatos2k Guest
    Between 0-20 fps. Sometimes 20, sometimes......0.

    Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
    512 MB RAM
    ASUS Geforce Ti 4200
    Creative Audigy Soundblaster
    Windows XP Home (...)
    All latest drivers

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    RichardStockworth Guest
    Low: 8
    Average: 15
    High: 27 (while looking at the floor)

    T-Bird 900
    ECS K7S9A
    256M SD133
    Radeon 8500

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    Fraps Results

    Fresh install on a Windows XP class machine.
    Defaults used in video card settings.

    System (1-2Mhz overclocked from BIOS setting "enhance performance"):
    Athlon XP 2100+ (268FSB) @ 1744Mhz
    512MB DDR RAM (PC3200 running at 268Mhz) CL2-2-2-5 1CMD
    VIA KT333 Chipset
    Sound Blaster Audigy Audio in 5.1 mode
    nVidia GeForceFX 5200 (NV34.3) AGP4X, AGP Aperture = 64MB, Fast Writes, Side Band Addressing

    Via Hyperion = 4.51
    SB Audigy = Latest EAX 4.0
    nVidia Beta = 53.03
    DirectX 9.0b

    Fraps (640x480/1024x768) [+/- 1-3fps]:
    *Bloom = Off
    During Movie Playback: 75fps/75fps (vsync)
    During Moving DeusEx Logo: 25fps/10fps
    During Startup Logos (Eidos/IonStorm): 30fps/NA <- capped?
    Audio/Video Setup Screen: 75fps/75fps (vsync)
    New Game, Waking up and staring at wall: 7fps/3fps
    New Game, Waking up and staring at floor: 20fps/7fps