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Thread: Game Code Registration Questions and Issues

Game Code Registration Questions and Issues

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    Game Code Registration Questions and Issues

    We would like to ask you to contact Square Enix Members customer support should you run into any issues concerning this matter.

    Q: Some of the games I had registered previously haven't carried over to the new Members. Anybody else noticing the same thing?

    Originally Posted by Saria3
    I spoke with someone at SE yesterday - I called for a completely different reason, but figured I'd ask about this while I had a human being.
    The old codes are gone - they didn't "lose" the data per-say, but with the merger last May they didn't have the proper way to transfer the codes/registered games with the rest of our data because of the new system (that's what I was told)
    So basically what they said was - they waited 'til all rewards were awarded for the last members rewards, then they went ahead with the merger - So no one was screwed out of anything they had earned. When I said that some of us like to see what others have played; he replied "we may bring a featured game section for our members, or allow you to select from a list of games you own - without rewards being tied to those old titles"
    So for those of you who just bought an older game, you're SOL as far as "points" - which sucks, but you're not alone - we all lost those registrations.
    Otherwise, I think it's safe to assume we can register the "new" codes, without worry of "losing" anything else...
    Sorry for the rambling - just wanted to share all the info I could.. Hope this helps some people.. It's not the answer I wanted to hear - that's for sure.

    Q: I can't register my code. The format doesn't match.

    A: You are either:
    a) Trying to register an old code.
    b) Trying to register a code of the wrong region.
    Neither of these will work. The old code registration system is no longer in use, however if your issue is of the latter nature then you should be able to register your code with an account associated with the right region (NA, EU or JP).
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    We've noticed this issue and are working to resolve it. We'll let you know to recheck your registered games to ensure they're all there.

    Thanks for reporting this issue!

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    Same here...Valkyrie Profile and Tactics War of the Lions for example are missing, and Final Fantasy IV series

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    Well I have the PS3 version Of FFXIII and FFXIII-2 not the Xbox 360 ver, hate to bother with this since the site is just back up...

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    Excellent! Great to see it's being looked into already.

    For me it seems to be older titles mainly. Off the top of my head stuff like Valkyrie Profile and Dissidia.

    I've also noticed that multi-platform games like FFXIII only show one game as being registered now, even though I had both versions registered. I can see this being intentional for consolidation, though.

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    No bother, we're aware of the version differences not both populating as well. We'll reply back to this thread once that issue is resolved.

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    I'm missing at least one as well; the Wii version of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Echoes of Time.

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    My game code for Final Fantasy XIII-2 does not work. An error comes up saying it's invalid.

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    Yep, me too. I can't recall absolutely everything I've registered but I'm pretty sure I've had more than six codes: both DS Crystal Chronicles games, the first Dissidia... trying to think how far back the Members system was established!

    It would honestly be nice, though, if we could simply have a checklist with all Square Enix games so we can use it to keep track of what we actually have, not just the titles that are eligible under the Members points system.

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    I noticed that I was missing four games as well! Interestingly, it allowed me to re-register three of the four, although Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection for PSP is only showing up as a "blank" SquareEnix image that leads to a 404. For whatever reason it wouldn't let me re-register the fourth game, Dissidia Final Fantasy for PSP.

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    Same thing is happening to me too, I don't know what to do.

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    Did you happen to buy it used?

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    Originally Posted by Tonyr86
    Did you happen to buy it used?
    Nope. I ordered the game on Amazon, new.

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    Factory sealed right? :P You never know with some sellers >_> Otherwise, maybe it is just a bug to be worked out with the code registration system.

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    Originally Posted by Robert Peeler
    No bother, we're aware of the version differences not both populating as well. We'll reply back to this thread once that issue is resolved.
    I dont see any of my games register that i had on my previous account.

    what's going on?

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    Originally Posted by TokoTamer
    Some of the games I had registered previously haven't carried over to the new Members. Anybody else noticing the same thing?

    Same here. i dont see any of mine.

    what is going on?

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    I messaged many of you, please check your inbox and we'll work to resolve your issues.

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    The PS3 version of <cite>Nier</cite> shows up in my games instead of the Xbox 360 version.

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    Ah, yes, I remember now: the Members Points Registration System for North American Square Enix Members began with the release of Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume.

    Obviously, games before that won't be registered, but try to see if you have any games since that release date (17th March 2009) that aren't counted.

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    Glad to see this is being looked into. Thx Orichalcum for leading me in this direction.

    Hopefully this gets resolved soon, I just bought a psp and have a lot of older games to buy and register!

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    We've been able to implement some of the missing games, but still know that there are many games yet to be resolved. We'll give you another update on this as we get closer to a full resolution.

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    I am having the same problem with my codes for Birth by Sleep, Re:Coded, and FFVII: Crisis Core. All three were purchased new (the two PSP games were Christmas gifts in '10, and I bought Re:Coded in early '11), but none of the three are able to be registered

    EDIT: I just tried all three codes again to double-check, and BBS and Re:Coded went through. The code for Crisis Core is still coming up as invalid, however

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    I have a code that's invalid, but I have no idea what game it's from! I had all my little registration cards in a pile, and none of them have names on them, heh. There seems to be a game id number in the bottom corner of them all though, and the one that doesn't work is numbered 90902. I'm curious which game this is.

    And was I supposed to get a registration card with the Collector's Edition boxset of FFXIII-2? I looked all over the place, even looking between the folds of the box, and I can't seem to find the bugger.

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    Game Registration System: Feedback

    As I am on a tight budget, I usually cannot afford new games. I have 6 SE games purchased new, and 17 SE or SS games either used or too old to have the members cards in them, as well as FFVII and PE1 purchased on the PSN. I was wondering if there could be any way to get some reward points off of these older games, maybe using the serial codes on the games?

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    I wish, that would make me a happy happy man XD

    God all the points... I think 90% of my game library is all SE/SS/Square/Enix titles haha

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