Thread: Game Code Registration Questions and Issues

Game Code Registration Questions and Issues

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    I just ordered Chrono Trigger DS off of the SE site new when that sale was going on. I received the game, shrink-wrapped and all in the mail today. It contained the game case, game card, manual, and health and safety precautions booklet. There was no registration card in it! Since I ordered it new off of SE's site, I'm quite baffled as to how this happened. I would definitely appreciate it if I was credited points for this purchase, and if the game was added to my on-site library. If needed, I can post a copy of the order or shipping confirmation emails.

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    I'm fairly certain CTDS was released before SE started including registration cards/codes for games, so even one you ordered today would not have it in it.

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    Chrono Trigger DS was released on 25th November 2008, and the SEM registration system started with Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (released 17th March 2009).

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    So game copies that were created yesterday of games released before March of 09 won't have the cards in them? That's a load of BS on their end, thanks for the info though

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    Originally Posted by Basho

    So game copies that were released before March of 09 won't have the cards in them? That's a load of BS on their end, thanks for the info though

    Well the program didn't exist at that time. It seems reasonable that they wouldn't include registration cards for new game purchases of titles published prior to Square Enix Members even having their rewards program. It wasn't until recently that they stopped selling PSX games through their Digital River storefront; it'd be whack to see them include membership pins inside FFVIII.

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    Glad to see incorrect box issue has been noted this month I registered FF XIII-2 PS3 and xbox 360 box art came up instead

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    Can't register my game ????

    any help and or info

    I know I typed it in correctly

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    Make sure any zero's you have typed are changed to Alphabet O Zero is never used in registration codes.

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    It won't allow you to enter your code if you used it previously on a different account so it wont accept it if you have already used the code before.

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    It would also be unfair to everyone else who bought the games prior to now if the ones purchased now had the codes while all the ones that were released earlier didn't because then the people who bought the games when they first came out would essentially have to go and re-buy the games to get the codes.

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    So the moral of the story is that this is a half baked version of Club Nintendo?

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    Registration Issues

    When I tried to register my new "Deus EX: Human Revolution" The system tells me that it is not a valid code! I did check what I typed and it is what the registratioj card has...


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    hmm..... maybe it's one of those faulty cards?

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    I don't know. The code on the card bottom right is 91020, if that is any indication....


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    i own the OnLive version of the game i wonder if i can still register it... also i dont think ill be buying another Deus Ex game ever, i hate story DLC >

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    You made sure that you read all the numbers and letters correctly, right?

    I know that for some of my codes, some of the letters and numbers looked a bit similar at times and one time, I had my code refused three times before I tried typing in a different letter/number that it also looked like.

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    No, there is no way I misread the letters and numbers. They are clearly printed on the card, forf example the "S" cannot be confused with a "5" or the "B" for an "8", or the "G" for a "6". Numbers are 1, 6 2, 0, 7 and 9.

    Fortunately, these registration codes are not used (yet?) as means of activating the game through Internet, as is the case for other distributors....


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    For some reason, the Os and 0s are backwards in how they look on most of their cards. If what you thought was a zero was pointy/diamond shaped, then it's actually an O ("oh"). Maybe try switching the 0s and Os you're typing and see if that helps?

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    I wanted to add that:

    If you buy a new packaged game that does qualify for a code (like, if you bought a new copy of FFXIII) and for whatever reason, it didn't come with a code (for example, I once bought a bundle and the game that it came with was missing its code card even though it was supposed to have one), you can contact Customer Support and see if they can help take care of it for you.

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    @Basho: You were right! The first code entry was showing as 2079 on the card, I entered 2O79 and now the game is registered!



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    Having trouble registering Theatrhythm; there's not even a game link for it yet... Any word on when this will be fixed/updated?

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    I'm having the same issue, I JUST bought Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, Pre-Ordered brand new, code says invalid, is it because its so new its not in the system? Please help!

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    Me too.

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    I figured this would be the best place to post this instead of making a new thread.

    Does anyone know what the story with the FFXIV Collector's Edition is? My copy is a CE and I recall a distinction being made on the old Members for each version of the game. Does this simply fall under the "version difference" issue that's affecting multi-platform titles (which I understand is still being worked on) or is there simply no distinction now?

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    Having the same issue with theatrhythm as well.

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