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Thread: Can we expect patch before Xmas?

Can we expect patch before Xmas?

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    Re: Re-tally-ation

    Originally posted by jamesyb100
    No I don't think that the pentium FSB runs at it's full 800MHz

    I KNOW it dosn't..

    As for your magical Radeon with the abilty to function completly within and by itself, wise up, have you heard of architecture ?
    An AMD 400 fsp can barley handle the throughput of an 8x AGP model not to mention the rest of the background activity it's shouldering !!

    Lastley admiting to the frame drop ( even if you claim it's only 2fps ) is admiting to the bottle neck.
    Are you claiming that his Radeon is using the full bandwidth of the x8 AGP?

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    I hope that was retorical question as apposed to a retarded one
    There are 10 kinds of people in this world, those who understand Binary and those who don't

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    Why to hardware discussions always degrade into flamewars? Don't insult other members or you'll be booted. And don't bypass the swear filter, for that matter.

    Edit: posts have been deleted because I can't be bothered editing them all.

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