Thread: EIDOS: LISTEN to your Customers..!

EIDOS: LISTEN to your Customers..!

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    EIDOS: LISTEN to your Customers..!

    Damm well release a patch for this game, or I for one will take it back down to my Game store and throw it back over the counter. It is a NON-FUNCTIONING piece of S**t software that hundreds of people are having SERIOUS issues with. You have rushed it out for Christmas in order to boost sales, and invariably this is back-firing into your greedy ass pockets.
    I have over 20 other top end games on my system which ALL run PEFECTLY, and as they state on the box. Your product Simply DOES NOT..! And I simply refuse to trawl through hundreds of posts in the vain attempt to get it running. It should work straight out of the box. A result of this is you are rapidly losing all respect you have gained with your customers.. SHAME ON YOU ALL..!

    MR Refund Now Monkey-Face..

    BTW.. I am a 10 year game dev artist veteran, so I know how Dev's in general operate. Often like a bunch of pithy SchoolBoys mostly. Quite imature attitudes all round disguised as proffesional workers..!

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    A patch is in the works, but calling people names won't get it done any quicker.