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Patch and Fixes

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    Exclamation Patch and Fixes

    I don't think it's necessary to type out that Deus Ex is my favorite game etc, I even typed down the script (not completed yet though) and I've finished it 24 times err right, enough babble.
    This game is completely unplayable, I've tried ini fixes (Although they didn't change the graphics that much did they?) and , yet it won't go above 15FPS and this is just completely unacceptable.

    It's FAR from right, to sit and pray every day hoping to find a topic or something about a fix/patch, that'll help us out. I seriously just wanna go crazy because this is pissing me off so much. It's been 2 days since I got this game and yet I haven't played it more than 3 minutes, and once again I have to fall asleep incredibly disappointed.

    Quick specs for anyone who wants it:

    512 RAM
    GeForce FX 5200 (128MB)

    I really don't wanna take it back and get my money back or something, and then later fix a pirated version or something, when a patch will be released in a month or whatever when I don't have money to buy it again. Max Payne 2 is the ultimate proof of great programmers and whatnot.

    Something must be done about this ASAP. If you think that there's something I've missed about the .ini stuff or something, then feel free to link me. I've tried it though.

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    Nightcom, I'm having the same trouble as you, however with the demo, I have an AMD Athlon XP2600 though.

    Although a lot of other people seem to be having a lot worse trouble and they have radeon 9800's and still get the same framerates as us.

    I also think the Max Payne 2 engine was excellent, I could run everything on high detail on 1024x768 and the only time I'd get slow down was when smoke was involved (but I get that on any game with smoke effects anyway...)

    If I were you I'd wait for the patch though (or atleast for a faq that indicates what theyre working on), sounds like it will be out soon, and will hopefully fix a lot of the graphics problems people are having, I think it's one of the major issues.


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    McErono Guest
    Jeez mate, what are u expecting from that Videocard??? its the lamest from nvidia so...

    It doesnt fit in ur system! buy a ati 9600pro or better or at least a 5700ultra...

    ive got a ati 9700pro and a P4 3Ghz and have low fps...

    But its obvious that something is wrong with the game...

    try that:

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    No, I'm not spending $200 or whatever for one single game. All other games (except halo lol) works - I'm not a guy who's complaining when I don't have higher than 90fps.

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    McErono Guest
    come on...

    my mother has a 5200 (no ultra) in her pc (no joke!) and i couldn't play a single game on it... or are u playing all games without aa or af in 640x480 and all setting low with 5fps... every magazine was warning not to buy that card!

    a geforce4 ti4200 is even faster!!

    im not flaming I just want to say that u are wasting ur other (good) parts of ur system!

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    Even Halo plays and looks great (yes, low video settings, most everything turned off). But it still looks great, I finished the entire game in about 12 hours straight. Great game. Yes, video could have run better. All my other games play excelent, Postal 2, UT2003, Max Payne 2, Call of Duty, Battlefield 1942, GTA-Vice City, Gunmen, No One Lives Forever 2, more.

    The 5200FX is not a terrible card,, it's a 150$ card,, I refuse to spend more than that on something that is going to be obsolete in a year or 2. The high end Radeons are still 400$ and have been out for a long while and they will put out another card soon and that price will fall. The only time I'll spend 400$ on a video card is if it will perform a Monica Lewinsky every time I sit down at my PC.

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    McErono Guest
    But if u are playing those games u have mentioned I believe u have at least the fx5200ultra right? Man I would fall asleep with that card here...

    all that money spent for the cpu, ram and stuff is wasted with that card... but I have to admit im not even satisfied with my 9700pro...

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    Tinman Guest
    Throw that card in the bin, the FX 5200 is neh but rubbish, i should know i have one, but im placing my eyes on the mid stream 5700 ultra. The FX 5200 had a bad review for memory speed and also a cut down on pixel shaders version, with a really bad texture fill rate, the better the fill rate of the card the smoother the game graphics will be. To play this game adequately(not optimally), you need either minimum:-

    Nvidia FX 5600 ultra > or better (Ultras have higher speed memory)


    ATI Radeon 5600 XT > or better or PRO

    Even on this you should expect some visual lag issues, but not too serious your waiting for 1 frame to load, until Enlight release a performance patch.

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    Yes, it is a 5200FX Ultra 128M . Again, it's not a terrible card and I know there are better now. I tried a 9600 Pro and it sucked bad.

    I do plan on upgrading the video soon.. just waiting for the right card to hit the right price. Which i need to start researching again.

    I will say that the game is playable to an extent. It has crashed on me a few times in the last couple of hours. I didn't pay 50$ to be a beta tester. Maybe a different video card would help. But, after reading all these posts, I doubt it. I'm going to need a different one for Doom3 and Half-Life 2 anyway, that's what I have really been waiting for.

    Still, this game has made me weary of any future Eidos/Ion Storm games. Thief 3 being quite disappointing.

    I bet they take thier time with T3 now, I bet it will be delayed to make sure they do it right. If not, I won't be buying it till I see it for like 5$ maybe.