Thread: time to go back to the good stories

time to go back to the good stories

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    Should Square go back and recreate all final fantasys 1-8 with the newest engine and hd graphics they use now and keep story and characters intact with a few smart updates to the script

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    I'd much rather see them focus on new titles, Final Fantasy or otherwise. I have fond memories of Square's classics and the vast majority of them are readily available on many current platforms in the event I'd like to replay 'em. I don't want my childhood in HD, I want new memories and new experiences.

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    In the long run if it gives them more money, doesn't take long, and won't screw us over why not? The people who bought the originals will still have their originals and people who weren't born around that era or couldn't get into them because of the graphics. Can now jump in. Then after they are done, they could just continue making new installments.

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    The thought of FF I through VI in HD....mind what would it even be like. One thing that always gets me is that in I through IX you can name your characters, which I really like, so to remake the games and add voice acting they would have to get rid of that feature.
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    I agree with focusing on newer FF`s and other titles but lately the ffs have just been such a let down after X once they started trying to do sequels and I also very much agree with akeem people today who werent around when they first came out definetly deserver to see the stories yes they can play the old one but the way graphics are now its almost unbearable cause ur eyes are no where near used to it.....and the name changing aspect squall yes it was cool but after awhile i realized i liked the default names way more than the ones i gave them so thats not to big of a loss besides i wanna hear squalls voice and not the one from kingdom hearts although i did enjoy the first two games

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    But seriously yes seeing those games in hd would be like a new experience yeah the stories the same but think how amazing the characters emotions could be expressed and how collosal the worlds could become

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    I think that Square-Enix has no clue how epic the older games would be if they were remade using today's technology. Or, how great those new games would be if they kept alive the popular ideas of the series. I understand that moving forward and trying new things is important, but don't forget how you got here in the first place.

    It's the whole "reaching out to a wider audience" thing that has hurt the series. A wider audience means more money. But, it also means a wider variety of tastes. Then comes a difference of opinion, and that's how the love/hate war starts. Some fans start losing things they've loved in the series, while others are glad those things are gone. There are some of us who know Square-Enix has what it takes to make great rpgs. And we keep buying title after title in hopes that each new game made will be "that one" that tops them all, or at least brings back some of those things that were previously removed. It's a mess for the fans, and money for the company.

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    can i haz achievements plz? also, can you register games you download from google play? they give u a 16 digit product code but that wasn't it. I'm trying to boost my points somehow

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    Can they stop make a horrible 1st impression in the games beginning.