I previously posted under the thread of "Graphic Problem in Inclinator Facility" and got no response.

While I don't expect a response from the community if they haven’t had the same problem, I do expect a response from the admin of this tech forum.

If the admin can respond to the thread "You've GOT to be Kidding Me!" where the poster basically went off (if the person despised the game that much and was going to return it, why even post) and he gets a response for *****ing I am lost as to why I didn't get one to my graphic problem.

If you haven’t heard of the problem before it would be nice to hear, "That’s something new, and we will pass it on."

If it has been addressed already it would be nice if you could reply and give me a link to the fix on the boards.

And if I am a complete moron and my graphics problem is actually part of the game, tell me so. It will be better than not being responded to at all.

I have paid for this product and I believe I should get a fair answer to my question.

Thanks again, and cheers.