Thread: some questions (multisampling, d3d ,open gl)

some questions (multisampling, d3d ,open gl)

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    some questions (multisampling, d3d ,open gl)

    in the video menu, does multisampling x1 means no anti aliasing, or two passes (x2) ? is there a way to disable it?

    should i use open GL or direct3d ? (i think you can choose in default.ini, but i could be wrong.)

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    Look for the thread on the DX2 tweaker... it's around here somewhere... someone already made a program that edits the .ini for you. Shows you just how messed the game is.

    I'm under the impression 1x is no AA which is pretty sad considering that it says right in the readme not to use anything over 1x with ATI cards or you'll get errors (which you do). Thanks alot guys... my 9800 Pro was really worth it.

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    Seeing as no OpenGL renderer was shipped with the game, I doubt that an INI file change will enable OpenGL.