As I can see, I am yet another member of the game freezeing during loads problem fan club. The thing does the same thing to me, and I have yet to recieve any remedy back from Eidos. I get the sneaking suspicion that it is wide spread. I have tried the same "running DX2.exe" under Windows 2000 compatability, and that fixed nothing. I have found if you get to the frozen load, that your pointer changes, and if you hit the left shift 5 times (something they advise not to do), it reverts to the desktop. Then you go and right click on the bottom bar, bring up Task Manager. Click cancel on the Sticky keys dialog box that comes up, then go to the Task Manager and end task the Ion Launcher...then close the Task Manager quickly. If you follow all these steps, then for some reason the game comes up again and loads properly. Boy this is a pain in the ass though. It might be a work around for some of us that are patiently waiting for that patch.